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How to make a beautiful French manicure yourself

French stylists do not agree with this theory and claim that they have created a jacket, not to repaint the model nails at fashion shows.Which one is right now it is difficult to figure out.But most importantly, we have a truly universal design polish that men consider the sexiest.

uniqueness and universality of the French manicure is that it can be easily done at home.There are several ways to perform their own tunic.But if the figures and detailed instructions is not enough, the Internet can always find a video with the recommendations.

first method

  • Nails cover with clear lacquer in several layers.Be sure to wait for the complete drying of the base layer.
  • Take special stencil for French manicure and paste it slightly below the grown part of the nail.We cover the outer part of the white lacquer and again wait for the complete drying.
  • Remove the stencil and cover the nail with another layer of clear varnish.

It is the most common method, because it is the power of even a beginner and French ma

nicure, if done without haste, a very neat.If you already get the hand, you can not use a cliche, but simply applied the white paint on the tip of the nail with a wide brush.

second way

It is suitable for those who are already used to doing their own jacket.Sometimes you need a manicure, and you do not have a stencil.In this case, the nail is covered with transparent varnish, but before you paint it white on the edge of the template thin white line drawn with a brush.Upon receipt of the remaining paint over the nail contour.

The third way

To make a French manicure at home, you can successfully use improvised materials such as tape.Duct tape can successfully replace the stencil.The principle of operation remains the same: first, the nail is covered with transparent varnish, it dries out, and then a semi-circle on the nail sticking tape to evenly paint edge.Once dry, remove the tape varnish and paint over the nail again.

Possible ideas for French manicure

How to make a beautiful French manicure yourself traditional, white-pink or white and transparent jacket, not all that now can offer stylists.Its popularity has meant that designers began experimenting with patterns, resulting in a host of ideas for new ideas.It can be classical, romantic or funny.Various options can be used as a tunic sedate ladies and reckless young girl.

today for the French manicure using different colors of lacquer.Makes even the french vice versa prokrashivaya more saturated color nail plate and nail edge, left in neutral colors.

also based tunic is decorated with additional nails patterns, rhinestones and sequins.To some it may seem that this is already a manicure and do not be called by the French, but the fact remains - the principle of nail polish remains the same.By the way, it is particularly popular with French business woman, who did not add to its design elements, and brides can often find classic French manicure with rhinestones or delicate flowers.

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