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main basis for a spa pedicure can be called relaxation.It also involves the use of thermal waters, mud, algae extracts and other beneficial natural elements.This procedure should be used most newfangled cosmetics.The main complex includes: a foot bath, treatment of foot and fingers, use a scrub to exfoliate the skin and stop dead skin cells, mask and massage.This is the basic procedure that includes spa services, some salons are added to the set of something new or making their special changes that are the hallmarks of a particular salon or master.

It differs from an ordinary pedicure that the skin is not broken, do not have to file away and trim.To get rid of rough skin, calluses and corns, special soluble liquid.However, this procedure affects the foot very gently, the client does not feel unpleasant and painful moments.

procedure usually lasts two hours and includes not only a complete foot care, and relaxation of the whole organism.The room is usually playing music, with its meditation or hear the
relaxing sounds of nature.Apply a variety of candles and oriental spices.Spa pedicure can be considered a type of aesthetic medicine.Special chair for pedicure, which is equipped with an office, very convenient and comfortable, some of them are equipped with a special massage system.

This procedure is usually done after classic hardware or options pedicure and consists of several stages.

The first stage - the decoupling of the skin of feet.Antiseptic bath is done, which is well steamed and your heels and nails.The water temperature should be moderate, too hot can adversely affect blood vessels.Steaming process usually lasts about ten minutes, if the hold longer, the skin becomes very soft and very loose.The water is added special substances that allow to relax.

Next is peeling - first soft surface to remove dead skin cells, and then deeper.The task of peeling - to prepare the foot to spray a liquid solvent that will remove all calluses and rough skin.

third stage pedicure - is cooling and moisturizing feet.They applied a moisturizing mask, with the addition of aromatic oils.Typically, it consists of: seaweed extracts, clay, menthol, glycerin, peppermint oil and aloe vera.The mask should nourish your feet for about 20 minutes.

final stage spa pedicure is always a foot massage.Each leg massaged at least 10-15 minutes, with the help of an influence on certain acupuncture points, many of which are found on the legs.Therefore, this massage is not only relaxing and softening procedure, it also provides recreation and soothing effect on the human body as a whole.After the massage on the feet nourishing cream is applied, prevents the occurrence of cracks and makes the skin velvety.

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