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The most "delicious" body wraps

Sweet aromatkrasoty - "Honey and coffee body wrap»

Podobnoeobertyvanie offer many beauty salons.But the cost of such protseduryslishkom overstated, besides, you can not be one hundred percent sure vnaturalnosti ingredients.If you want to save, then the offer is vamprovesti wrap yourself at home.Everything is very simple.

Medotlichno stimulates metabolic processes in the body.Under its influence bystreerasscheplyayutsya fat accumulation and toxins, and thus protsesspohudeniya faster.In addition, honey is good displays excess fluid iztkaney.Coffee is well burns fat.In combination with honey obtained horoshiyrezultat.Also, coffee is a great scrub.

Dlyadomashnego wraps should be used only natural komponenty.Med should not be sugar, old or heat-treated.Kofeluchshe to use beans and grind it yourself.Suschestvuetneskolko options honey and coffee wraps.Here are some of them:

Pravilaprovedeniya procedures :

  • all ingredients must be natural;
  • before beginning the procedure, use a scrub to remov
    e orogovevshiechastichki skin;
  • before wrapping will prevent easy warming massage;
  • mixture consistency should be similar to sour cream, it should be warm ilegko applied to the body;
  • after application is necessary to wrap with cling film and put it on top-toteploe;
  • After the procedure rinse with a mixture of warm water and apply to the body pitatelnyykrem or cellulite.

wrap "Copper cinnamon»

Takoeobertyvanie good for those girls who want to get rid ottsellyulita.About the beneficial properties of honey we mentioned above.Cinnamon yavlyaetsyaotlichnym natural antioxidant.It has a tonic, stimuliruyuscheevozdeystvie on the body and increases blood circulation.Combined with medomkoritsa it helps get rid of extra kilos effortlessly.By the way, this wrap helps to get rid of wrinkles on his stomach.In addition, etaspetsiya rejuvenates the skin, cleans laxity and makes it more elastic.

Samyyprostoy recipe wraps this: take honey and ground cinnamon in sootnoshenii2: 1.Honey is necessary to heat slug.The resulting mixture, apply a thick layer of body parts and naproblemnye Wrap with cling film.

esti other recipes such "tasty" wrap:

  • Mix honey, cinnamon, olive oil and red pepper in equal proportions.
  • Mix seaweed, honey and cinnamon - a wrap vneshniyvid improves skin and fights against excess centimeters.
  • Coffee, cinnamon and honey can help speed up the fat burning and stimulates obmennyeprotsessy.
  • wrap with mustard, honey and cinnamon provide blood flow to the problemnymuchastkam, thus speeding up the fat burning process.
  • If you need to get rid of swelling and normalize fluid balance vorganizme, do wrap with clay, honey and cinnamon.

Eslinet cinnamon powder, it can be replaced by the essential oil of cinnamon.Podogreytemed, add a few drops of the oil and a few drops of essential oils lyubogotsitrusovogo.Good rub this mixture and Bundle pischevoyplenkoy.

Stoitponimat that cinnamon and honey - it is allergenic foods.So before chemdelat a wrap, be sure that you are not allergic nakomponenty.During the procedure, you may feel a slight burning sensation, etonormalno.It is also very important to follow simple rules when obertyvanii.Goryachie wraps should last about half an hour, and cold - in two razadolshe.For a month you need to do 10-15 procedures to get vidimyyrezultat.

sostrinkoy Sweet "Honey wraps with peppers»

Vsostave many anti-cellulite present red pepper extract.Onusilivaet impact of any wrapping and zhelaemyhrezultatov allows for a short time.Here are some simple and effective recipes:

  • Take hundred grams of honey, add to it 40 grams of red pepper itschatelno mix.Use warm honey.Such wrapping horoshouvlazhnyaet skin and penetrate deeply into the components and digested fat tissue.
  • Take hundred grams of ground coffee, one hundred grams of chalk and 10 grams pertsa.Rastopite honey and add the coffee (you can use coffee grounds) in kontsedobavte red freshly ground pepper.
  • If during wraps you feel a strong burning sensation, you can ispolzovattakoy recipe.Mix the melted honey, red pepper and olive maslom.Takoe wrap will moisturize the skin and will more schadyaschiyeffekt skin.

Suschestvuyutnekotorye contraindications for wraps.They can not spend primenstruatsiyah, as well as in certain diseases: cancer, cardiovascular, gynecological.In addition, you can not do wraps if vasest damage to the skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Sweet tela- for "Chocolate Wrap»

esliv love sweet, such a wrap sure you enjoy it.Onopodnimet your mood and helps get rid of the hated centimeters talii.Takzhe it will make your skin healthy and fit.

Votneskolko recipes:

  • can enhance the effects of cocoa or chocolate on the problem areas of the body.For etogodobavte in cocoa a little coffee grounds or red pepper (one teaspoon).
  • Cocoa can be diluted with milk, if you want to moisturize the skin.
  • Add ginger to chocolate.Boil two cups of milk, add to 100gramm ground ginger and the resulting liquid dampen the cloth and then prilozhiteee to troubled places Bundle up and cling film.
  • Soak 200 grams of spirulina for five hours, and then beat it in a blender.Kpoluchennoy mass add half cocoa package and apply the resulting smesna body.

Unforgettable contraindications to the procedure.They are the same as all vidamobvertyvaniya.Also do not forget that some components cause allergies.Poetomubudte careful.

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