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Signs nevlyublennogo men

His eyes ...

Always look in the eyes of your partner.If vokruzhenii other girls your guy does not look at you and runs his eyes otodnoy woman to another, and thus does not return his gaze to you, etoploho.Many studies have proven that a man in love will look nasvay partner in two times more than all the others.

Once you begin to notice it, then immediately nuzhnopogovorit with her boyfriend.Ask him a question that ponadobitsyadat detailed response.This watch his reaction when the story ismotrite in his eyes.If he will turn away from you, to see through you, to avoid direct view, it is probably not your man.There may be iisklyucheniya.For example, the embarrassment because of your facial expressions so on.Therefore, the girl is ready to go on a date, always tschatelnoprivodite myself up, watch your facial expressions, looks and makeup povedeniem.Brosky be absolutely out of place.It is more appropriate for the "hunt" When the same man is yours, do not need to scare bright colors.Makeup dolzhenbyt

neat and quiet.Of course, it is possible to focus on the eyes or lips, but you need to know when to stop.Your facial expression should be natural.It is not necessary to pervyhsvidaniyah unnaturally rounded mouth or goggle.It can otpugnutlyubogo Man.

recommended practice in the mirror and find a mysterious dlyasvoego face, easy smile.Do not giggle, cover your mouth idelat sudden movements.Several workout at home and your date proydetuspeshno.You can be confident in the view of men.

on people ...

Make sure that the behavior of your partner at a time when you are with him surrounded by other people.If your guy stoitvperedi you or slightly behind, it can talk about his feelings of insecurity WSS or that his attitude to you lightly.Vlyublennyymuzhchina will always stand next to his companion, shoulder to shoulder.

Of course, there are exceptions.But as a rule, the language zhestovne lying.It gives our hidden emotions and feelings.

It's lishshutka? ..

If your companion allows himself to make fun of you in front of krugudruzey or strangers, and then soothes and said chtoposhutil and did not want to hurt - do not believe.This behavior is not smeshnoe.Zadumaytes over whether to spend your time on a man who mozhetvas humiliate in front of others.In love with a person you never allow sebetakogo behavior.He always keep silent or talk about you tolkohoroshee, will make compliments others to see what his horoshayadevushka.

Your appearance ...

There are cases kogdaparen Woman asks to change something in their appearance.For example, perekrasitvolosy in a different color, to increase the bust, do makeup and other dalee.Devushki because, remember, so the man is trying to manipulate you.At the same time, and request to be followed by the second and the third.If you go once napovodu, you can assume that the lost man.It will no longer polnostyuvashim.Although think about the fact, and if you need any kind of person kotorogone happy with your appearance, your style clothes and so on.After all, if cheloveklyubit, he should take us as we are.

you or friends?

If the first or triple date a guy does not come alone, aw his friend, then immediately forget it.Because in the foreground among negostoyat friends.And always will be.Do not think that for you it will change svoiprintsipy.If at the beginning of the relationship, he put others above you, then egodruzya will accompany you almost everywhere.Do I have it for you?

little secret ...

If a man does not want to answer the simple question "Where tybyl?What was during the day? "And so on, trying to get away from him, Toet means that he has something to hide.Maybe he just did not Swami confessed because he does not have to have any major plans or because chtoon does not consider you a close friend.No matter how sad it sounds, Noeto fact.So, if your guy all the time hiding from you the details svoegovremyaprovozhdeniya, then throw it without hesitation.

Money, money ...

Some men in our time polzovatsyazhenschinami used to the full, to the extent that we provide them financially.Takihpredstaviteley male called Alfonso.So once vashsputnik starts talking about money, ask you borrow a certain amount, then srazuzhe forget it.No need to believe in their sentimental stories.Besides, if you really need the money, the real man will ask their friends, relatives and so on.A woman in love with you, never stanetnagruzhat their problems.

Bad Taste ...

If your guy is rude in restaurants, cafes waiters iliprochemu service personnel, it is necessary to reflect on it.Eli is proizoshloodin times, you can just.After all, who knows what could happen: plohoenastroenie, failure at work and so on.But if it happens constantly, uhoditedevushki from such ignorant.Otherwise, they will soon be with you as sebyavesti.

What do you know about egoseme?

If a man is reluctant to talk about the family, about yourself and about the plans nabuduschee, it should immediately nastorazhit.Of course, you can postaratsyaporassprashivat.Maybe he just secretive man and does not want to rush sobytiya.No most men do not talk about such things with the ladies, which have nihnet no plans for the future.

rare meeting ...

If a person truly in love with you, he budetstaratsya spend with you as much as possible.He will be ready to go to the end of the swami light, just to talk to the extra five minutes and nasladitsyavashim society.If he says he is always busy and is lishniepredlogi not to meet with you, when you ask about it, then zadumayteso seriousness of his feelings.And do not look for any excuses for him.Tolkovremya wasting.

Narcissism ...

If a man is too often only talks about himself and egorechi you hear the "I" constantly think about it, maybe he is a real "Narcissus"? Such a person will always think and worry only about theMe and svoihinteresah.Other people will be for it is always in the background.

verify memory? ..

Almost all men are not very good pamyat.Odnako exception is a man in love.Such will never forget datuvashego dating your favorite song, or the date of your birthday.If upartnera often manifests forgetfulness, it is likely that he simply vycherknulvas of his romantic dreams.

To drink or not to drink?

Heed habits.Vlyublennyymuzhchina never be at the woman he loves to drink a lot.

above symptoms should be used only in pervyenedeli dating men.During this period the easiest to observe ihpovedeniem and actions, based on which we can draw conclusions and to understand whether to waste your time on this man.

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