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Anticipation of trouble

catch a taxi, Lyudmila in a semiconscious state broke into the apartment.Thank God!Iron it not only turned off but also put in place.As he always did.Still, now and then comes back, not trusting myself ...


Usually this condition occurs overload, often emotional.It is necessary to relax, get my affairs in order, all passes.But if such behavior becomes obsessive - fear covers too often, you often get home, or worse, well, remember that all off-extinguished-was closed, but illogically disturbing premonition sweep over you - should seriously consider how to calm yourself.

alarm - the most common negative emotion.A person does not find a place, can not concentrate on anything.But if you ask: "What exactly are you afraid of?"- It is not always able to clearly answer.

Such boundless, free-floating anxiety is very difficult to make.Here is a man and seeks to give it a specific meaning.So the fear is born, aimed at a specific object.And the closest to everyone - fear for your home.

To cope with this feeling, everyone comes up with their own ways: someone coming back to check if everything is OK, someone comes up with rituals ("If I see five cars with happy numbers - all right").But it helps for long.After a while, the alarm cover with a bang.


When we okay, we live here and now, not chewing on the past and not worrying about the future.Many things we do automatically, without thinking.But the consciousness records irons included?- Turn off.Even if we do not remember the time when removing the plug, the soul nevertheless quietly.

If a person lives in a state of chronic stress, and his head was loaded with heavy thoughts, the mind refuses to hold the little things like a door or an iron.Then a sudden thought sufficient to cover anxiety.And now there is a heartbeat, trembling, choking people and immediately returned home.Making sure that everything is in order, it seems to be settling down.But ... it increases the sensitivity of the subject, to call it.And if the next time for some reason he can not go back, his fear will be a hundred times sharper and more painful.Here and close to a heart attack.


  • Try to be very attentive to the activities that occur automatically.Turning off the iron, pay attention to the fact that worn out cord.Closing the door by pulling it three times ...
  • There is this: pulling the plug, turn the key in the lock, say out loud: "I turned off the iron. I closed the door."Once thought-doubt will fly, you remember that everything is done correctly.
  • Sometimes even sure that the house is all right, does not prevent the alarm.If you throw in the heat or cold, worried palpitations, tremors, use relaxation techniques, take a tablet valerian.
  • can use and auditory training.Each of us has been or there is a place where we feel safe.For example, a child in the grandmother's kitchen or in bed, covered with a head.Try often a cause of these sensations.
  • Eventually just think about something good, trying to kill the terrible picture that draws the imagination.And if the idea of ​​a nasty back, send it to: "Get out!".It is important to do this every time the alarm set himself.Technique is ridiculously simple, but, oddly enough, works.
  • What to do if you want unbearably home to check it out?Usually they say: "It is better to go back than to suffer the whole day."However, if the return has become a habit, try to resist this term loans and some business.
not read newspapers before dinner

And most importantly, we must do everything to reduce the feeling of anxiety.Of course, life often makes us tense.But it is possible to put a filter is not read in the newspapers the criminal chronicle, look Adventure, dispense their communication with those who are always bad.As they say wits, not live scared - scared to watch TV.
  • Watch and the fact that you are talking about yourself.Often we are told that in a difficult situation, the main talk.But it often turns out samonakrutka: endlessly talking about their problems, people do not calm down, and even more upset.Try another tactic: "I know that I have a problem. I feel anxiety. But I will try to deal with it on their own, without involving others."Sometimes your own you just shout: "Stop! In the place!".
  • In addition, if you want to get rid of anxiety, make it a rule not to paint their problems in bright colors, "I feel terrible, I have no money! My husband is an idiot child lazy!".How would you not want to say the words, stop.Anxiety is fueled by such statements and you are in trouble.
  • And remember: no one knows what lies ahead.We have the right to choose: to represent the future in bright colors or dark.How we think - and we feel.And afraid to measure not harmful.
Nina Rusakova, a psychologist