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Most proliferation fears young mother

7 most common fears of young mothers

1. The kid cries a lot, I'm doing something wrong
reasons for a baby to cry a lot, and your wrong actions there is absolutely nothing to do with.His cry baby you will know that it is not satisfied, he may want to eat or just tired of him lying.First of all, make sure you have a dry diaper baby, if he is not hot, maybe he wants to eat.

most common cause of crying baby in the first months of his life - that's intestinal colic.In the first three months of all newborns suffer from it.Doctors recommend 20 minutes before feeding the baby to lie spread on the tummy.

Some babies may cry before going to sleep.If you are sure that the baby is fed, clean diaper, it is not hot, but it is preceded by a short-fall asleep crying time - do not worry, this is quite normal.Over time, it will pass.

2. Fear of bathing baby
most parents miss the inherent fear of the baby during water treatment.Especially this fear appears while bathing in the bathroom.Remember, you a
re in nature to the maternal instinct, and you do not exactly make.Even if you accidentally let "go" baby under water, do not panic, the baby of three months there is an instinct to hold their breath.

After this incident a couple of seconds is enough crumbs hold at an angle of 45 degrees, so that any excess water is drained and the baby coughed.After bathing, pat the baby's ears flagellum of sterile cotton wool.

Remember, it is important to be confident in their abilities, otherwise your excitement be passed to the baby.

3. I spoil him
Kid constantly calls for a large amount of attention.Your heartbeat, smell and heat affect the baby soothingly.Try to take the kid to handle, talk to him, feed on demand.Even if it so happened that the baby is bottle-fed, it is still better to feed him, holding in his arms.

In no case do not go on about acquaintances and do not believe that the child must be "crying", it will depress the nervous system of the baby.

If you have a fear that you izbaluete baby, it is not necessary for this experience.You do not spoil the baby, and just give him the necessary love, which helps to speed up its development.

4. Kid hungry, he eats not
This is one of the most common fears of many mothers.It can often give the impression that the child is hungry, he eats little and monthly gaining too little.Most often these experiences are without any foundation, you just have to follow as your baby is gaining weight, and if the first couple of weeks of a set of 120-130 grams, so nothing to worry about.

5. Noisy breathing and grunting nose
Many mothers believe that if the baby is sometimes coughs, grunts and nose, her first thought is: "a child is ill."Do not raise premature panic if your child runny nose, then nose sopelki flow, and if he just grunts, he just have to clean it.If the nose is clean, and the wheezing and grunting lost.

6. The child trembles
The child can shake the limbs, and even chin.Do not be scared and immediately raise a panic, because what happens to many babies and up to three months, it is quite normal, because the nervous system is still being formed.To the doctor should contact only if, after three months of age is not passed.

7. Night experience
Many moms get up several times in one night to listen to the breath of a child.Very often afraid to go to sleep at a time when breastfeeding, because the baby could choke.All this leads to the fact that you are constantly stretched like a string.The main thing is to relax, the maternal instinct is put in us by nature.The fact is that due to differences in hormonal background you constantly feel the anxiety attacks.You will definitely need to relax.

Thousands of reasons can cause a huge amount of my mother's fears.The best solution is to give yourself the opportunity to relax and not to panic in vain, because your excitement passed and the baby.Remember, balance, endurance and peace is very important.Try to get the maximum from the positive emotions of motherhood.