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Why some women tend to be beautiful, while others do not?

Japan turn to the dentist: women ask doctors to make them the so-called children's smile, in which the teeth touching, but not very elegantly protrude.The similarity with teenager Krivozubov costs about four dollars, but after payment, you can be sure - the success of the men is guaranteed.As it happened: for the love of the genre of anime girl, like teenagers, attracted male attention.Who would have guessed that straight teeth are almost always considered to be one of the hallmarks of a beautiful woman out of fashion?

But, perhaps, the fact that Japanese girls for beauty and not being chased.According to many psychologists, the beauty and poignancy unrelated, moreover, are at opposite poles.Touching - it's cute, lovely, nice, cozy.All this is more associated with children.Beauty is defined by rapacity, aggression, sexuality, manners, size and tags fashion brands.And it is the adult world.

Of course, it is.But poignancy Japanese women created with dentists, yet the proportion of mixed predation and tri
cks: the real purpose of these girls - do not look good and attract and attract.

outside Japan uneven fashion taste is not out (although we can not exclude themselves from it), and other territories reigns traditional for these places Beauty: somewhere - slim waist and chest high, somewhere - is impossible and wide hipscellulite somewhere - ring in the lower lip.And the beautiful woman, the better it, in theory, should be lived: the beauty is often used as an instrument, as a key to opening the door to the magical land.It's not just a lot of fans and benefit from marriage - sociological studies confirm that the beautiful people more likely to want to be friends or have affairs, they are more willing to take on the job, they forgive a lot.

We enjoy its beauty as a tool to make sure that it was in order: select clothes that we are, tinted hair roots, exercise and sit on a diet to maintain the graceful proportions of the figure.However, you can continually hone and polish the tool until it breaks, and you can, on the contrary, to put it in the corner and watch with indifference as it is covered with dust.

Bust with changes
Change your look is not difficult, would be money.And now it turns out that for long familiar to do liposuction - almost as easy as brush your teeth.Social networks are buzzing discussing described in one article of secular conversation between two ladies who shared a funny detail the work of the Swiss plastic surgeon and believed that it was improper to look older than 27, even if you have 58. There's nothing funny here, however, is not: there is a future medical problems.Fans of "yellow" media are well aware of the suffering of our actresses and singers who have organized for a new youth with a scalpel: a person like frozen mask, hard drives off the side of a smile, eyelids that after several blefaropoastik refuse completely shut down, causing dry eyes and fallsalways use moisturizing drops ... For what such torment?All

to stop time.Stuck in his youth.Not live, not to feel a large piece of life, full of the joys of others, not so similar to the youth.To the joy of the second half of life experience, and to live, you need to have the wisdom, subtlety, sensitivity and a great ability to feel.Young people feel badly, but those who are struggling holds itself at the turn of youth, lose this ability.Spiritual behind body when a person begins to resemble a mask - after plasty, botox and simply due to the fact that strong emotions trigger the appearance of wrinkles.

Botox and emotions are connected.These people are doing the injection, trying to hide the consequences of manifestation of your emotions like erase them from life.Some studies suggest: Botox not only limits the ability to express emotions, but also affects their ability to feel.A man who tried his best not to feel anything at all and not feel like going down the wrong path.

For an endless series of plastic surgeries is the fear of old age and death - rather than admit it or even think about it, the women hope to live forever among fans and carnival that never subsides.And so it is not lost, you must always stay young.

Excessive cosmetic surgery is not associated with a desire to correct something that was originally created by nature (for example, to correct a small hump on the nose or ears, droopy ears make conventional), and an attempt to make a perfect body and flawless face, can also be a response to parents whotoo much like their child, dreaming that its beauty and ability to bring them to universal love and respect.

Parents can transmit the opinion to be perfect, and these expectations at first perceived in relation to the body, appearance, and only then apply to all spheres of human life.So they are trying to solve their problems, personal fantasies a reality, but the impact is on the child.When she grows up, she all life is suffering from inferiority, from the inability to meet the ideal.As a consequence, it is most likely attempt to improve themselves, primarily on the physical level, by resorting to numerous plastic surgery.

Less body
In the battle for the beauty there are opponents - those who do not look after themselves.When no desire to be attractive, it may indicate that we currently do not want to do anything - not to build relationships, not to support them, not to flirt or to change something in your life or achieve success.This happens when a person "loses" himself or he had no moral and physical strength.All the energy spent on something else, such as a solution to the problems of parent-child relationships, male or female.Sometimes this happens in pairs, where the full merger partners.At the same time one of them can be completely dissolved in the other, and live his life for her, forgetting about themselves, ceasing to be aware of their own needs.Negative experiences with men, too, can lead to the fact that a woman in their appearance repels wishing to communicate with her.

Apathy, indifference to their appearance, as well as everything else, can be signs of depression or incipient disease.After treatment, the interest is returned to her.But there are other cases, like when a woman does not allow itself to be beautiful, assuring themselves and others that she likes only dark and baggy, and that unwashed hair and nails of different lengths - this is normal.This woman seemed says: "Do not look at me! And if you look, then look away!"It can be hidden and austerity, arguing that it is necessary to love the soul, not the body, fun and bravado writing stories like "A decent woman will come outside with stale manicure. In a perfect lady stale manicure does not happen. And the normalAunt hands dirty - and good! "And there will always be minded to support her words with a nod of approval, or a dozen other likes.

Sources dislike their appearance, not related to a temporary condition of the body or mood, hidden in childhood.Eyes mother - the first mirror, in which the child can see himself and read that it is understood and loved the way it is, with all faults and imperfections.Thus is formed a positive self image.If the girl had conflicting relations with the mother, the adoption of their femininity will be complicated.For example, a private beauty and success can be perceived by the woman as a triumph over the mother, which entails or imagined punishment on her part, or an unbearable sense of guilt for its overthrow.

sends a signal
bodily What we feed the world the message of what we want from him?Wearing high heels and a short skirt, we plan to attract the attention of men, leaving the house in a shapeless sweater, trying to hide from view.This can be very surprised if any skirt or the red lipstick nobody responds: unwillingness to be beautiful is sometimes too deep in us, remains unconscious, and we sincerely wonder why our beauty tool does not work - he perfected as it should,blurred as it should.So what's the deal?

image that creates a conscious choice of clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories, unconsciously addressed to other people, and talks about how a person wants to look in the eyes of others.A manifestation body - posture, gestures, facial expressions, movements - much truer transmit other information about us, because the harder to control.For example, the lips completely subservient to man.That is, even deciding to be "beautiful" and applying to this effort, some will not be able to attract attention without the internal mood.And even if you seem to yourself in the mirror just fine - lovely, but not a girl!- Those who see us in an elegant dress and with careful makeup will appreciate our taste, but still hardly understand, mentally formulated a reason: "Something about her repels."So they read our unconscious, which may hide and too strong desire relationships and revenge someone left us, and anger, and a ban on relationships.Because familiarity is unlikely to happen, unless that person for that dating has its own reasons, are not particularly associated with affection, friendship and love.

This is actually we address our signals, our desire to be beautiful?Let's replace the abstract concept of "peace", which is addressed to a certain message, a specific person, which we want to tell something.First of all, a story of inner emotions and experiences transmitted by body language, known to everyone from birth.The first experience of this kind of communication we acquire in early childhood, and the signals that are sent into the world as adults, are not very different from those that the child sends a mother: "It hurts me, I'm scared, I feel useless," or "I am satisfied, I loveI am in agreement with himself and the world. "

As a child, in response, we are waiting for a response, we want to be understood and heard.In a sense, is the search for the absolute, non-judgmental love, found that - at least at first glance - in the estimated world problematic.

can certainly throw a challenge to such a world, no longer clean the shoes and secretly hoping that a handsome prince, and so will make out of our spiritual wealth.But it's a big risk: still good, and when hands are clean, and manicures in the manner and in the eyes off: "Now you ensure my eternal youth, no matter how much she did not last."Princes, under whatever guises they do not hide - the same people.They like to be beautiful.And not always remember the wise phrase of Leo Tolstoy: "It's amazing what happens complete illusion that beauty is goodness."

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