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How to turn from the path of self-destruction

Do not worry, you're too honest.This is a sign rigidities.And you need to be as open person, because it is the path to happiness and self-knowledge.

expression of his inner state of the figure - a great way to cope with internal stress.Draw everything that hurts you, what you hate, describe it below the figure.Just do not draw those whom you have offended temporarily, then it will be held, most likely.It is better to express hatred to themselves in strife, to confusion among you in the form of a black cloud, for example, or in the form of what you tell your subconscious mind.After this burn, after washing with cold water.You'll see, you will be much easier.Once you feel better, draw a different picture.The picture is perfectly attuned his future life, of what you want and store it in some secret place, as long as this is not true.

actions, which at first glance may seem strange, sometimes give a stunning effect.If you feel bad, do something out of the ordinary.For example journey into the forest o
vernight, taking with him a tent.We first find harmony with yourself, meditate, do exercises, set its goal to do something big here and now.Imagine you return home with a new beautiful body and renewed consciousness.Or sign up for a three-day hike.After these steps, you will feel an incredible relief, and life will sparkle with new bright colors.

If you do not stop to keep everything yourself can reach what your psychological state will deteriorate and need the help of professionals.Do not allow this.It is better to live a full and rich life now.Express yourself as you can.Through sport, through art, through a frank conversation, get you love, get calling.If you find it hard to open yourself inside as if it is some invisible barrier, sign up for courses on acting, as a bonus you get more beautiful and charisma.In an extreme case, share your feelings with them to start, get a diary, take a look at yourself and write whatever you feel.Who knows, maybe one day you'll want to read it all to someone else.After all, your thoughts are already clearly defined and there is no risk to say that something is not right, creating a distorted view of what you were trying to say.Now everyone here in this blog.Just think, you do not care about their loved ones.Is knowing they are bad to you, not be revealed to you in return?You do not have done everything in their power to help you?Maybe they just do not know what you have inside and what's the matter themselves suffer from it, for you are experiencing or are also trying to break through the cloud of misunderstanding between you embarked.Run it.

express their emotions is essential for the human soul.There is no need to accumulate a clot inside of offense, sooner or later, he will destroy you from the inside or the outside will pour an avalanche of scary.

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