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How to take advantage of a difficult situation?

in a difficult situation gets everyone.Trouble comes, and with it the feeling of helplessness, confusion.Man feels unhappy, offended by destiny.In difficult situations, many not only defeat suffer, but give up.Hands move down, I do not want to take anything.Some tend to blame their problems encountered other people to justify themselves and do nothing.This is much easier than trying to overcome the "insurmountable" circumstances or try to turn to their advantage the unfavorable situation.

Life - a cruel teacher.Its lessons should be well digested, then it will become a reliable and loyal friend.But only a very small percentage of people are using the difficulties and troubles in order to improve their lives and become stronger.The only way to get a good experience.Later, the same problems will be solved automatically.

What to do?
It is very difficult.How to make a difficult situation a stepping stone to a more active, bright, happy and certainly very busy life?To meet the challenges without fear, not
run away from any non-standard situation?

beginning to replace
Always look into the future optimistically.Take responsibility for the decision to create a problem.Without an understanding of the responsibility for their actions and decisions will not be any further steps effective.

accept the inevitable.The problem has arisen.Grieve about it later.You just have to solve the task.Do not grieve because of unrequited love.All over.Do not do it.Understand this, and then be engaged in the search for the other partner or to solve other problems.

assess the situation.Identify the approximate cause, think about the consequences.First, contemplate the worst outcome of the situation.It is he afraid of?And scary at all?You suddenly reported the dismissal?So what?This is the worst result of your life?You find the job much better than the old.

Make a plan to solve their problems.Think about what to do first, that can be delayed for a while.The scenario of the situation should not be one, there are always alternatives.

Take advantage of the situation.What benefit is there any difficult situation - it is an axiom.Take it unconditionally.For example, you have suffered the disease for a long time.So used it to good use.Remember that you always wanted to learn or just find out and start acting.

find helpers.Think, who could be useful to you in this situation?Someone will give useful advice, someone money.Telephoned relatives and friends.They can help.

Perform causal analysis of the situation.It should always be deep.To this situation is not repeated in the future.If you fail the exam, find out the cause of his failure.Get ready for the next test.But if you will once again be a failure, think of another field of application of their capabilities and talents.

Think about what you have been taught life?What important lesson you learned?Praise yourself!After all, you yourself pay the difficulty to their advantage, and might, and in harm.Try to immediately set a new goal.Now you will not be afraid of any problem situations.Do not give in to the prevailing circumstances.Success is waiting for someone who begins to act!

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