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Rituals that help achieve your dreams

essence of this training, invented in 1998 by husband and wife psychologists Peter and Peter Burlanami, is to help the person change the normal behavior and thus give him an opportunity to improve their lives.The basis of the method - the laughter, pushing the limits and transforming ordinary people into magicians.But it is important to learn how to make a wish!For example, if you dream of that beloved man finally made you an offer, under no circumstances do not think about how hard it will be to make him decide to take this step, a good tune: to dream about your future together, and speakerphonegay wedding and travel to exotic islands.It Happened?Well, then, it is time - to start one of the rituals.

Letter to the World
You will need an envelope, a beautiful sheet of paper and a pen: we write this letter thing in the universe!Say hello and then detail and thoughtfully tell us about their most important desires.Describe each of them as if they have already come true, and tell us in detail w
hat it is you feel about this.There is no future tense, talking about everything in the present.Do not forget to thank the world for what it gives you so much joy, and finished his letter with the words: "And so it is."Now fill in the required fields on the envelope: your recipient - "Department of materialization of desires," and in the "return address" simply write their names.Envelope lower your nearest mailbox - and wait for a response from the Universe.

Magic match
Take an ordinary box of matches, tape the bright red paper and bright felt-tip pen write on both sides: "Magic Match".Now, in your hands really a magical thing: to accelerate the fulfillment of a wish, just strike a match, and while it burns, said to himself his dream.

magic underwear
This fun ritual to help those who dream of financial prosperity, or a new love.So, the higher the apartment will be located lower leukomas thing red, the more likely to fulfill the desire.Red panties have to literally throw the chandelier: standing back speaking with a desire in the present tense ("I am rich") and throw a bikini top!

visualization in psychology called the mental creation of images or situations that have yet to occur.In other words, the person is currently a process in which is guaranteed to get the desired.The better developed imagination, the easier it is to learn this technique and achieve with it the desired results.Rules making wishes are the same: think about it in the present tense, to avoid negative scenarios.It is believed that during these "meditations" expanding the boundaries of consciousness and the man literally magnet attracts good luck.

How is it done?
  • Decide what you currently really want most.Design chosen desire to be an absolute necessity for you!
  • currently present yourselves as specific object of desire.If you want a new car, consider everything: what she will mirror what seats, transmission, color, place the proposed parking and so on.
  • Begin to visualize your future car.Relax, think about something pleasant, throw away all their doubts, fears and concerns.Now you should be as comfortable as possible.Visualize the desire, not forgetting even the most minor details.Here you leave the house, you open the door and sit down in your favorite car.Feel the joy of owning a fully - this is the miracle of your RV, and it is forever!
  • remains a desire to let go of the world: stop thinking about when it will be executed and, if possible, try to forget about his dream.
This method is a bit like visualization, but the principle of its operation is much easier.Affirmations in psychology is called a short sentence (verbal formula), the repetition which creates in our minds a certain installation and thus stimulate positive change.But in order that these verbal formulas really helped dreams come true, they should be in a special way.Your magic phrase should refer to the present time, must not contain any particle "no" and other denials, be very specific and to bring joy in the pronunciation, for example: "I am proud of the harmony!" It is better to come up with your own phrases that convey only your desires and emotions.It is advisable to say them out loud (you can whisper), but if this is not possible, you can write them down, say, 50 times in a row in a notebook.And remember, one affirmation - one wish!

bracelet dream
Another way to attract and desired life - wearing bracelets with interchangeable charms - pendants and beads.Each element of the decoration symbolizes your dream date and, as they think it will come true.Hopes that in the coming year will be a lot of traveling - ask as a gift in the form of a bead airplane, want to quickly get the long-awaited marriage proposal - choose the suspension with a romantic theme, it planned to buy an apartment - hence, on your hand will show off a bracelet with houses and key.

This old method is still used our grandmothers.Needle has long been considered magical items that may equally be useful and dangerous.For example, the ancient sign states that if sew clothes for yourself, you can inadvertently "sew up" his own memory.Connoisseurs of "magic" embroidery advised to start with the ritual growing moon and possibly do it alone.

«Road desires»
Tear off a long string (should be sufficient for at least 40 stitches) and vdevaya her a needle, say your wish out loud.On the first day you need to make just one stitch, then stuck the needle into the fabric and hoop postponed until tomorrow.Within 40 days you need to do every day one stitch.Having made the last stitch again say aloud his desire and tie a thread and a small nodule.Now wait for the next 40 days, the desire to be fulfilled.

believed that properly selected embroidery pattern and color of the thread will attract to you the dream.For example, red and gold gamma, owls and coins will lead to financial prosperity, pink and red thread, flowers and bath items (for example, two kittens, a swan or a dove) - the successful search for the second half, babies and angels - the birth of a childand embroidery houses and medieval castles, accordingly, will help solve the housing problem.

New Year's Eve
  • desire to write on colored paper, make of it Christmas toy and hang close to the top of the tree.Under the chiming clock, take a "ball", and the desire to repeat pereveste on the opposite side.
  • write a wish on a small piece of paper, under the chiming clock, place it on a plate and ignite.While burning, think about make come true as if it has already happened.Then open the box and develop the ashes to the wind.Ash can also be poured into a glass of champagne and drink while sounding chimes.
  • Draw bright card desires - everything you would like to achieve in the coming year, turn to roll, seal wax from candles and hang on the tree for at least 7 days.As wish fulfillment tracing red dream come true.
I want money!
  • Always carry in your wallet as much as possible large bills.The adage "Money to money" really works.
  • Buy red or gold purse.According to oriental philosophy of feng shui, the colors intensify the energy of the financial flows and literally attracts money.
  • Simoronsky ritual to attract money into the house.Before you wash the floor, in this water rinse their ornaments of gold and silver.Changing the dirty water to clean each time to lower the decoration - and so on until the floor throughout the house is clean.
I believe - I do not believe
Each person has a "locus of control": so, if you think that the quality of life depends entirely on you, and you get this feeling of real pleasure, then, with your "locus" allAll right.And what about the rest, when instead of the desires of the world throws up new challenges?No wonder that in such situations, we look forward to the benevolence of the universe.These "magic" ways we give birth to a warm sense of trust something all-powerful, reliable.Even though we are well aware that it is "a fool's errand," it is very nice to play - narrow eyes and struggled to ask about something very important!When these things occur regularly, they are really helpful: they help to implement the desires, science is not established, but that the normal emotional state, no doubt.In certain situations, even in strong and confident people often wakes up "magical thinking," and they turn into the universe with a variety of requests.After all, faith is truly capable of performing miracles, that is why they happen in our life.But a strong dependence on the rituals - pretty serious symptom, followed by hiding the internal anxiety and a sense of his own impotence.

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