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Wedding Nail Design naroshchennyh

Today actual remains a classic French manicure.This is where the white tip of the nail is left without additions or with small drawings, for example, a delicate flower.Or, you can supplement manicure with rhinestones or sequins.It is the most traditional, implying the natural shades, and with him fingers look delicate and flavorful.

for the solemn event there are a variety of options jewelry and nail design and the option that chooses a bride must necessarily be combined with a dress, or do not get harmony.The most important thing to master and helped - picked "style" manicure - combined with image of the bride, and the color of nail polish matched the color of the skin.

Form Nail:

* Stylish spatula;

* Oval shape;

* almond shaped.

most popular form of the nail - stylish spatula.

classical forms are choosing brides who do not like fantasy and experiments.

almond-shaped nails is usually chosen bright, anyone not like a bride.The so-called ekstremalki.

Now let's talk about the design.

Again with the bride chooses the wizard itself nail design.

simple.This is the one that is applied just under the nail.

French.This design requires an even white tip of the nail.Sometimes it is laid out using a material such as acrylic.Sometimes it built up under the nail, and then covered them.There are varieties of French - design: fan jacket (tip decorated with glitter);color coat (the tip of the nail not white and other colors).It is done by using special materials or by using varnish, there may be used more than one color, and the whole combination;custom jacket - a kind of design that provides maximum creative fantasies (a form of nail-shaped V, triangle bevel)

Inverted.The combination of bright and rich colors, such as red with gold, gold with white or white with blue, etc.It all depends on the selected color palette.This manicure picks extraordinary, extravagant and stylish bride.

Volumetric design.Beautiful delicate molding on this, or on the fingernails of extension.However, this manicure lasts for a couple of days, so it's best to do surround the design on the eve of the wedding.

aquarium design.A wonderful choice for any wedding dress and your fantasies are limitless.Master inflicts acrylic powder and puts drawing, causing rhinestones, sequins.The next stage of the design - a layer of acrylic coating and polishing.This design is very durable, because if the bride will make it much earlier marriage, it may after some time, to impose fresh varnish on the nails, without damaging the image.Therefore, this type of design is very convenient and profitable, as figures are not afraid of any sand or sea water, nor that it would be able to spoil the manicure.

Everything is left to chance!

Yes, that's right, not the other way should be trained for the solemn ceremony.

* in advance, about a fortnight, you build up your nails to get used to them and to determine the length.

* in advance to discuss your wishes with the master that he knew about them in advance.

* In a few months we should try to experiment by making wedding manicure with the length, the color of the varnish, a design that you would like to be at the ceremony.

* It is important to pick the color of nail polish.Usually, the colors like cream, white, light pink, light blue combined with the bride with fair skin.Orange and copper-colored suit bride with darker skin.

unacceptable!It is not recommended to do nail those who take antibiotics.Since it is fraught with rapid deterioration of the material.

too often escalating - harmful to nail, as the nail does not get its own oxygen, it is "not breathing".Accordingly, it becomes weak, brittle and dull.

hands - a card of a woman.Because a real, self-respecting woman caring not only for your face, neck and body, but also for his own hands, making them attractive, well-groomed, soft and smooth.And if you care for your hands will be a timely and permanent, then that business card will be Super Women!Here's a he, wedding design of extension nails.