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Wedding in Venetian style

If you do not want to leave the borders of your country and go to Venice, you can create a feast on the spot, it needs to comply with all the details specific to this city features.

Preparing for a wedding in Venetian style

Before you start planning a wedding in Venetian style, "study the theory of" if you can not visit the carnival in Venice, look at photos, read the history of this holiday.So you can recharge your spirit of adventure and fun carnival.

Send out invitations to the respective topic.They have to intrigue your guests, because the carnival is obligatory mystery and intrigue, is the time when a person can play a role and be what it is not in ordinary life.

wedding venue
One of the key venues of this festival becomes water, and if you are not willing to spend the whole day on the ship, at least boating must include in the program of entertainment of guests, it better be defined in advance.

If you choose the option on the water, preference is given to a large ship with a restaurant.Ge
nerally carnival theme suggests a chic lounge with magnificent decorations.Decorate the room with bows, tents and drapes, vivid detail compares favorably with austere design.Restraint and brevity - not our choice.In the evening, the hall can be decorated with candles and torches, they add romance and mystery.

Riding the whole day on the water, you need to consider small stop with approaches to the harbor, where you can have a photo shoot and small receptions for guests.A pleasant surprise will be a small number of entertainment places "halt."

It is important to think carefully about this wedding entertainment, guests do not have a minute to get bored.You can order the magicians, jugglers, should be dances and live music, invite professional actors who will plunge visitors into the mysterious atmosphere of the festival.

If you do not want to ride the whole day on the river, then select the room with the presence of the reservoir.If you allow the season, it is best to choose an open area where you can put a huge bright tent.Book a few boats (do not forget about the boaters), which will roll your guests under the moonlight.

format can be any wedding, the main thing - to think enough space for dancing, guests will not be bored at a wedding, sitting at the tables.

Dresses wedding guests in a Venetian style
Consider a wedding dress code who will be engaged in suits and who will be entrusted with this responsibility.There are several options - you can order a costume in the studio or rental of carnival costumes at the local theater or the guests themselves will be engaged in the selection of clothes for the holiday, but just in case, prepare a few masks for those who can not cope with such a difficult task.Although this style will suit any bright, festive attire, preferably a lush and corset.The usual evening dress turns into a carnival, you only add the feathers and sequins, and, of course, a mask.All these nuances are better register in wedding invitations.

Discuss with the theme of your wedding photographer.Still photo shoot in the city surroundings is not very suitable for the subject, at least it should be a lock.Chic attributes shooting required.

Subject to these simple rules your wedding an unforgettable experience not only for you but for all the guests present.

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