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Noble wedding in the style of XVII-XVIII centuries

course, easier to organize a wedding, contact the agency where specially trained staff will take all the onerous chores, thus facilitating the life of the young.But if the couple is not afraid of difficulties and sufficient time, it is really ready for the wedding in the style of noble self.However, the most difficult part in preparing for the wedding is the selection of toastmaster, musicians, photo and videographer, as well as artists for the production of the show.

Wedding in winter style noble
Of course, the best time for a wedding is considered the winter, because in the old days it was in the winter season begins balls, and in the summer all the aristocrats preferred to rest in the country at their dachas.With the onset of cold weather the high life again gaining momentum: arranged crowded receptions, fun festivals, played the wedding.

In winter, the holiday can be arranged at the restaurant with the national Russian cuisine or rustic holiday home.Making room for the banquet must comply with a
given subject, and the waiters are dressed in livery and wigs.On the festive table must be present dishes and treats exclusively of Russian cuisine, for example, poultry, roasts or even ear.As for music, it is welcome only classic and a live performance - under the ancient Russian chants will dance their first waltz and invited the young.

original and unusual organization of the festival will be in the style of "Winter's Tale" in the courtyard of an old manor or farmstead with riding in a carriage or sleigh with bells.You can vary the program, arranging an unforgettable photography newlyweds in museums and household furniture, where interior design is close to the style of XVII-XVIII centuries.

Wedding in summer style noble
Summer perfect organization noble wedding under the open sky.You can choose a suitable farm, where there is an appropriate entourage: colonnades, fountains, palace with green alleys.Not bad will organize a wedding in a tent near the pond - a holiday certainly be remembered by all present guests.

most striking and memorable moment may be the celebration of weddings and register it in nature.Today, in front of a huge selection of Brac themes, style and originality of visiting the wedding, where the organizers take all by yourself.Undoubtedly, embody the noble style of the wedding can be when discussing all the details, from music to the tent, where a celebration will be held and where will accommodate all the guests at the wedding.

decoration of the hall (a tent in the open air) should be given special attention: in any case, should not present any modern elements, only fine jewelry, imbued with the spirit of antiquity.Welcomes the various statues, candles, fresh flowers in the high floor vases, silk draperies, and a variety of gold trinkets.

outfits for guests and newlyweds
It is thanks to the noble wedding girl can feel like a court lady in a corset and a magnificent ball gown with ruffles, which you can buy or make to order.With accessories you can add an image of aristocratic ladies.This may be a delicate umbrella and a fan, and a hat, and gloves.Hair can also be made in the style XVII-XVIII century.If the wedding falls on the winter season, the snow-white coat and muff fit perfectly into the image of the bride.In general, the bride can completely transform at will.

For the groom to support such a style is important too.In the case of a noble wedding just need a suit with a white shirt or a shirt front with a starched collar, bow tie or scarf around his neck.When cool weather groom are ideal for this style of strict black coat and gloves.

All invited guests should be aware of according to the noble style of celebration.Since ball gowns and tailcoats style XVII-XVIII century there are not at all, it would be fine and that all the ladies come in long evening dresses and gentlemen in tail-coats or jackets.In addition, guests can complement their images with the help of accessories: women's and men's hats with feathers, hats, fans for girls and sticks for men.

Entertainment noble wedding
Entertainment for a wedding in a noble style, in summer and winter can be extremely varied: hiking and horseback riding in the nature, sledding or carriage.You can organize a real vintage ball XVII-XVIII centuries, providing an opportunity for all guests to demonstrate their dancing skills.Only this will need to pre-select a hall for banquets, where it will be enough space.

In addition, you can arrange a shooting at targets, the game of forfeits with interesting jobs, for those who want to have fun shooting fake swords.Equally relevant is the presence at the wedding jester.