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Hussar wedding

As you know, meet on clothes ...
brave hussar at the ball has always been the epitome of refined nobility.Men are invited to a wedding in the style of "Hussar Ballad" should appear in uniform, with spurs and gloves.Around the world opened their arms and leave the Spurs out of the ballroom, but Russian officers observe this rule does not completely - Hussars proud spurs because only weapon left.In Thrace come "civilians", and ladies - in refined Empire style dresses that made them look like nymphs.

father and mother of the bride involved in greeting guests, meeting them at the dance halls as "master" and "mistress."Slight bow hostess welcomes guests elected holds her hand to kiss, with the rest of the guests is applied cheeks.Men are changing hands and the ladies host greeted by applying to the handles.

rather than let any dancing?

officers dancing at the ball only with gloves.Dancing - a special ritual for every ball that time.Russian aristocratic society of the time was coming to dance quite seri
ously.They were painted like a theatrical act, and it is not surprising that going to the prom, the girls already know with whom they will dance.After all, they were not invited to the ball, and long before it starts.Therefore, the lady would not want even one dance appeared clear.

Along with wedding invitation every officer sends a list of ladies who will be present at the ball.In turn at the turn of the girls was a tiny little book, in which they celebrated dances.When, by contrast dance wrote the names gentlemen, from whom he received the invitation.If this custom transform a modern twist, it turns out quite interesting.The main thing is to take it seriously.Thus, it is possible to acquaint the guests with ease.

List of traditional dance music - waltz, polonaise, mazurka.Between dances pauses filled with light music.But it is necessary to hear the first sounds of music and the gentlemen apologized to his interlocutors, go to their ladies.As on every ball tapёra invited, he entertained the audience playing the piano or the harpsichord accompaniment to dance.Between dances can entertain guests with cold drinks and ice cream.

Youth, plunged into the world of dance, fun, and people older years were passionate about small talk.Therefore, in the corner you can put a table for playing cards.And men can put a pool table.

at banquets young to arrive at an old carriage drawn by three horses.Tuples decorate with fresh flowers and bells.

Wedding Banquet is held in a large room with many tables with delicious dishes and rich snacks.It really is a feast!It can be anything - red and black caviar, variety of cheeses, fruit, spring rolls and a variety of snacks.All kinds of salads, frog legs.For those who like something a little more hearty veal leg can offer several kinds of potatoes.

As drinks we offer tea and coffee, apple compote for dessert - sweet products and fresh fruit.

Dancing and sampling delicacies can vary contests on different subjects.

wedding, held in the style of "Hussar Ballad", carries the young and their guests to a world of exquisite silk and dress uniform, fine cuisine and classical music, as well as remind the nobility and true love!

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