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How do I mark their golden wedding

General preparation

celebrate their golden wedding is a good preparation for this day.

It is important to determine in advance the place where the celebration will take place.Not bad mark this anniversary, such as a restaurant.This choice will help avoid many troubles.

All concerns regarding the festival is divided between the children and grandchildren of anniversaries.

then is a list of invited guests and send out invitations.This should be done in two or three weeks to the celebration.Before finally order a banquet, do not forget to specify the exact number of people visiting, it happens that, for whatever reason, some of the guests will not be able to come.

Remember that in the preparation of the celebration should be noted every detail and detail.Agree in advance to the menu and the sequence of serving dishes.

Do not forget about the decorations: flowers, balloons, tinsel, posters with the photographs heroes of the occasion.The main colors that accompany their golden wedding - a gold and r

ed.In these colors should stand tablecloth, napkins, curtains.

Choose interesting scenario anniversary celebration.This script should include a lot of entertainment for anniversaries and for guests, relatives (games, contests, prizes and gifts).

on their golden wedding jubilee, as a rule, children are presented with gold ornaments or simple things with gold than express their love for them.

Nuances celebration

to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of living together in a marriage, you can invite toastmaster or replace its function close to the family man.The main thing that he was cheerful, resourceful and have an excellent sense of humor.Contests he should think in advance.For example, you can write on small pieces of paper unexpected questions, and then stick them in the balloons inflate and deliver "just married".Those, in turn, have burst the balloons and answer questions.By the way, the more questions will relate to their youth (for example, the bride's dress on a first date, where they learned who and how to make a proposal, and so on. D.), The jubilee will be much more pleasant to remember their youth.

Guests can entrust the preparation provocative rhymes that tell about life anniversaries.Or you can just hand them already printed form.After that, at the time of the pronunciation of toast with the words "bitter", you need one voice, chorus, all sing funny songs.Also, you can get a gold wedding karaoke.Let the couple will sing a duet to their favorite songs.

The golden wedding is to include theatrical improvisation, which should be given special attention.Choose from guests or relatives of two of the most artistic and provocative people (preferably a man and a woman), and entrust them to play past life anniversaries.Not bad will depict wedding day.Believe me, it will be very fun and dip "married" to the wonderful world of memories.By the way, other guests can rate the triumph viewed scenes, complementing their funny comments.

main "highlight" of the holiday must necessarily be a wedding cake, where you want to place a figure of fifty golden.Jubilees have to blow your own festive candles on the cake and cut together the first slice of the cake, and then give it to the children.Expand celebration fireworks can be, congratulations heartily and loud "bitter"!

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