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Wedding on the beach

place and date of the wedding

During the celebrations on the beach imeetfinansovaya important component, as well as the personal choice of the young.You must zaraneeobgovorit wedding date.Learn about the weather, which is possible on etotznamenatelny day for you, what is the probability of a storm or rain.Not dostavitradosti wedding and in the heat, so organize a celebration on the beach early in the morning in the afternoon.And, of course, make sure that the chosen for the conclusion of vamibrachnogo Union country, this evidence has not been purely symbolic.

Invitations Invitations - it is a necessity of any wedding, it is necessary to take care of their design and the fact that they got vsempriglashennym.Since you are planning to organize a celebration around the water, the ipriglasheniya shall be made in this manner.You can fill butylkurakushkami and sand, putting in her invitation, written on paper shabby.

Consider the issue of transport that you need and vashimpriglashennym.Or
ganizing a wedding on the beach provides for vsehgostey for awnings, tents, umbrellas.A place for marriage ceremony mozhnooformit an arch, which is desirable to decorate with flowers growing in the country where the celebration.Track, which will go on Brac, sprinkle with different flower petals, put on the edges of the composition, izgotovlennyeiz starfish, shells, flowers, design ships.Dress up vsehprisutstvuyuschih garlands and wreaths of beautiful flowers.In case budetdozhd, talk about the celebration at the hotel, which is located near.If vyplaniruete walk in the evening and at night, take care of lanterns kotoryevy can release into the night sky at the end of the celebration.The figures and sculptures made of sand, will be the perfect addition to your wedding mestaprovedeniya.

image of the bride and groom outfits
for weddings on the beach needed naturalness, lightness and comfort.There inappropriate classics and rigor.Vsegopodhodyat better for this elegant event swimwear, light dresses, sarongs is a for the bride and her bridesmaids.For the groom and his friends, of course, melting vvide shorts, vest or bright loose shirts.The feet suitable bosonozhkilibo slippers, with elements of the marine theme.Beach - a place for relaxation, so use very little makeup, and her hair is contractible or rim libovpletaem they flower.Do not forget the cream from sunburn and sun go ponagretomu sand only in the shoe.Marine theme must prisutstvovati in the bride's bouquet.Make it possible in the form of a starfish, adding to negozhemchuzhiny, various sea stuff.

Music and menus
On such a wedding, it is desirable sound local muzyki.Priglasite local musicians performing their local tunes ostavitneizgladimoe impression on all guests.Come up with a variety of activities, but only on the coast.And, of course, do not forget to take pictures at the beach or by the sea or ocean.On such a wedding can not eat silnyealkogolnye drinks, you must have a plenty of juice, prohladitelnyhnapitkov, water, ice, fruit, vegetables, simple snacks.The presence of Swedish stolaprivetstvuetsya.

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