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What to give a wedding anniversary?

Wedding calico - 1 year

After a year of conjugal union, celebrate the cotton wedding.All those who came to this celebration, presented products calico - tablecloths, curtains, bedding.

Wedding Paper - 2 years

Two years later, celebrated a paper wedding.Spouses can give everything, which featured papers, photo albums, notebooks, diaries, and of course the money is never superfluous.

Wedding leather - 3 years

third anniversary of marriage called leather wedding.You can choose any gift leather goods - belt, bag, wallet.

Wedding wax (linen) - 4 years

After 4 years of life together celebrated linen (wax) wedding.This time, give things flax - various towels, tablecloths.

Wedding wood - 5 years

first small anniversary is called - a wooden wedding.Celebrating its fifth anniversary year."Newlyweds" give all sorts of wooden things, starting with the spoons and ending with luxurious furnishings.

Wedding iron - 6 years

After six years there has been a cast-iron wedding.Here in the cours

e are such gifts as a cast-iron frying pans and pots.

Wedding zinc - six and a half years

This wedding is celebrated after six and a half years of marriage.As with iron, then give the dishes, but only galvanized, as well as a variety of cooking utensils.

Wedding copper - 7 years

Next copper wedding anniversary is called.Anniversary note after 7 years.It presented a variety of ornaments made of copper.

Wedding tin - 8 years

comes after 8 years.Once again, give the dishes.At this time - brilliant.

Wedding earthenware - 9 years

9 years again give a new dish, you guessed it - faience.

Wedding Pink (tin) - 10 years

first big anniversary - 10 years.It is not enough, and the name of this anniversary - pink or tin wedding.Give a rose, a sign that love has overcome all obstacles.Also daryatsya all kinds of souvenirs from the tin.The guests invited everyone who was at the wedding.

steel wedding - 11 years

traditionally presented dishes in this time of stainless steel.

Wedding nickel - 12 years

married couple receives a gift of jewelry nickel.

Landysheva wedding - 13 years

this anniversary is called differently - Landysheva, lace and even wool.Give gifts of wool or lace.

agate wedding - 14 years

Spouses teaches accessories of ivory and agate jewelry.

Wedding glass - 15 years

On the 15th anniversary of the couple always presented souvenirs made of glass.According to the old belief of these things represent a bright future in business and relations of spouses.

porcelain wedding - 20 years

On this holiday the couple exclusively served table crockery, and receive a gift plates, cups and whole sets of this material.

silver wedding - 25 years

this day the husband and wife put on a finger to the existing wedding rings and even silver.This day is celebrated with friends and receive a gift of silver jewelry, utensils from the same precious metal.

pearl wedding - 30 years

give guests a necklace of pearls generally weak half of the pair.Basically it is made of artificial pearls.It all depends on the financial component of friends and relatives.

coral wedding - 35 years

this anniversary is also called linen or linen.The wife gives her husband a linen shirt.Guests give products mainly red coral, as well as napkins, tablecloths and various clothes.

ruby ​​wedding - 40 years

Rubin is inserted into an engagement ring, it symbolizes fire and love, husband gives his beloved a ring with a ruby.

sapphire wedding - 45 years

give jewelry with sapphire.This stone symbolizes the strength of the relations of the spouses have reached this significant date.

golden wedding - 50 years

Wedding rings are replaced by new rings, of course, gold.It is the anniversary of the most famous, but, unfortunately, very few people survive it.