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How to mark the second anniversary of the wedding and a present for the second half

second wedding anniversary, just like the first, and the third and all subsequent, very important date in the life of recently formed families.It is called "paper" is not in vain, as the paper can not be considered durable material.In such a family there is a great probability of decay due to any trivia, trivia.

If we draw a parallel with the paper, the family is very much exposed to external factors.Very often, relatives and native people trying to get into the relationship between the spouses, thus "paper" unwittingly "wrinkled" and "bent", ruining what love so carefully built all the time.Nowadays it is very important for young people to be tolerant towards each other.All quarrels, dissensions and disputes can always be solved in a peaceful way, and most importantly - never give up and look for compromises in different situations.

How to celebrate the second anniversary of the wedding in different countries
There are many traditions and customs about how to celebrate the wedding of the paper.In t
he East, there is a custom to dance a special so-called ritual dance in a special paper clothes.Spouses while dressed in costumes of red, made of pre-plastic mass, paper and adhesives.After this ceremony, all go to dinner, and the table is served with the main dish - rice with chicken.

money dance is danced in Greece, had already executed on the celebration of marriage.Money while just pinned on clothing heroes of the occasion.

In Byzantium on the second anniversary of the wedding couple making dolls out of paper, and hide them wishes to each other.During the feast the husband and wife are changing dolls and keep them until the end of the festival.At the end of the holiday the couple took turns reading the note for all the guests.

Bulgarians wedding anniversary have to be colorful, rich, fun and colorful.That is why the wife and husband vyryazhalis in colorful clothes, which should always be made of paper.

Gifts for the "paper" wedding?
If you were among those invited to such an important event, the most precious gift for the "paper" will be such a wedding gift, like books, various pictures, money, photo albums, and even calendars.In general, any paper products to suit your taste.You can write a poem in honor of the newlyweds and read them in the midst of the evening.Of course, we wish for a day simply must be good, sincere, bright and pleasant.Each

lovers will want to surprise your other half in the form of a unusual gift.Best gift for your joint holiday - it's a book.You probably know what your lover interested in the genre, or the beloved, so you will have no difficulty to buy books just on this topic.Also symbolic gifts there are many goodies, without absolutely no connection with the paper, but it is in any case does not mean that they can not be present.Any sign of attention will be pleasant to your loved one and would mean a lot.

Never forget to please, to show concern and care for each other, and then the smile and happiness will not go with your face!