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Poems for wedding

The main thing is to remember when choosing a poetic work:

  • It should not be too long, otherwise the young guests and very quickly get tired and stop to listen;
  • It should be easily perceived by the ear.It's great if you wrote an ode in imitation of Homer, but how easy is it to hear.Remember that the poem is intended to amuse the audience.
  • Look for unusual and quality rhyme avoid platitudes and blank verse (again look at the point that the guests should be easy and fun to listen to).
  • Even the most beautiful poem can be spoiled.Practice at home reading with expression and without hesitation.The worst option, when a guest at the festival for the first time sees the text that reads.
  • Try to make the poem address, contact names to the bride and groom, mention about their habits and so on. N. The young need to feel special.

humorous poems for the wedding

limerick should entertain guests and cause a smile on their faces.Most often humorous rhymes tease mother-in-law, the main thing that the joke does

not go to taunt and rudeness.


We are always ready to praise the mother in law.
During her immense work,
What's married troublemaker.
not need to worry,

And with his son "a little" to swear:
and where he was and who he was,
And where he drank and he drank ...
come to the young mother in law -

Svekrovhappiness melts immediately.
not know where to seat,
decide what to treat?
Keep-in-law of this must be,

provide rewards and remember all their troubles,
not forget to visit them!


Be, svekrovushka, goodness,
Be, svekrovushka Wise.
Remember: you were the same,
Even if not yesterday.

Young teach live,
But love never grumble:
happiness with her only son,
As with an asterisk in the night.

If necessary - help,
Peace and harmony Protect,
hundred years, live in the world,
And only then - straight to heaven!


with the mother-in-law themselves, knowing what their reputation is pursued by the people, can accompany your greeting amusing quatrain.Friendship and trust the words immediately destroy the ice between new family members.


Something hurt my son-skinny.
immediately obvious that he lived without Tiffany's!
thing is we fix that,

podnagulyaem and fat.
experience I have considerable:
decade kept pigs.


Oh, but my explosive temper ...
Koli that, then ... right in the battle!
not needlessly frighten me.

you entrust your daughter,
To krovinochka
my happiness and love living!


If beloved daughter
Radiant eyes I see
from marriage,

call you "son»,
And, believe me, do not hurt!
So, darling, do not spoil!

Quickly wife's mother a kiss!


Most often read poems, jokes witness.It aims to help toastmaster, funny guests and bring together all those who come to the wedding.He can even laugh a little at himself, well, or on his fellow witness, as a last resort.Be sure the witness should read these words to his "lost" friend - the groom.


To whom are leaving us?
reserves Why?Can we throw

and change his wife?

Remember our entertainment
Basketball, football, hockey
Beer, sauna and girls
forgotten?Reply soon!

Now instead revels
Instead of fish and beer
will be waiting for you with donuts
belle wife.

Well, to be serious,
Lucky for you my wife and
and economic and gentle,
and with an open mind.

So friend, we congratulate you and wish
wish you happiness, prosperity in the house,
Bitter our young!


wonderful surprise to relatives and friends will be the recognition of young love each other.Read more about poetry for the bride and groom, you can read here.We present one of the poems as an example.


May we in some way are not similar,
feelings will only stronger!
Know that you are the most precious thing I
feet from ear to ear.


do not know happiness more,
than live one destiny,
Sad to you, my wife,
And to celebrate with you!


Poems for wedding gifts

If you decide to give a special gift, for example, a rolling pin or a rod of iron, the gift must be accompanied by a kind of "instruction manual."


I give you a Cucumber - that man was done,
handkerchiefs - that you were born a daughter,
Daru mug - that gave birth Andryushka,
cabbage - that was not in the house is empty, etc.


Cash gifts are considered commonplace.Those who think so, just do not know how to give them.There are many ways to beat the envelope with the money, read the poetic explanation for what purpose is this amount.


Let not too late and not too early,
magical Lucky you!Let
bristle pockets,
purse bursting at the seams!Let

revenues close nalom
poured bulk:
in the mountains or in the pyramid,
Until the very Antarctica!


Funny poems wedding album

If the wedding is the book of wishes, then it is possible to leave an impromptu verse.Maybe it will not be a model of classical poetry, but from the heart.


long you drove down the aisle,
to arrange the marriage act.
Happened Yet finally,
Irreparable this fact!

Now the task is more difficult
And relatives and friends:
still unknown to science,
to born children, grandchildren,

When a pager with a telephone
serve as the two lovers!
and congratulating you on your wedding,
portrait of your wedding wish

you wear with them everywhere,
to each other not to be afraid,
Kohl happen to encounter,
In the newly-built nest!


We hope our ideas proved to be useful to you, and you will be able to hit all their original wedding congratulation.

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