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10 phases of relations between man and woman

10 phase relationship

1 phase of relations - the merger (the first two years of marriage) .In this period, the couple seems that never ends honey mesyats.Oba partner strive to fulfill every desire of another, trying to be together more often kakmozhno.In the first place there is usually physical love.Dannyyperiod psychologists call "spring feelings."

However, as in life, no storm of spring does not happen.Postatistike, Z8 percent of newlyweds have six months after its svadbyhotya hard time arguing.But 50 percent of couples by this time already beginning to fear that the future of a young family too vague.And 4 percent of couples At least 1 night spent apart, and 3 percent of newlyweds have time to izmenitsvoemu partner.

2 phase relationship - a disappointment (as a rule, the third-chetvertyygody marriage).That initial euphoria has passed, and the family came everyday.And tolkoteper many couples notice that their partner did not what was represented in the first months oniego love.For example

, 87 percent of women said chtoposle already the second year of marriage ceased to love his izbrannika.Hotya is, of course, an exaggeration, but in the fourth year of marriage mnogiebraki unfortunately break.By this time it grew first child lady again feels free.

3 phase relationships - reproduction (it is the fifth-sixth godysupruzhestva).Couples who do not have children, as a rule, plan popolneniesemi.At this time, love is not as passionate, but more so as a man soderzhatelnaya.Odnako physically "participate" can not in his wife's pregnancy, Toon often unknowingly removed from it.The result - 70 percent buduschihmamochek feel sexually deprived himself.

4 phase relationship - a phase of strength (about the seventh-vosmoygody marriage).Usually it is the most active time conjugal pairs zhizni.Supruzheskimi usually first overcome psychological difficulties and now in front of them really specific purposes.For example, spouses together pokupayutkvartiru and furnish it.Usually professional position dostatochnoprochnoe husband, and many women after childbirth again begin their rabote.Roli within the family have already been distributed, and each "a place" knows.

5 phase relationship is a break (from the ninth and the eleventh year).For quite a strong fundamentpartnerstva as the financial situation of the family.Chance razvodaumenshilas as soon as the couple crossed the 30-year mark.Such a phase relationship-this "summer marriage."Many spouses have divided among themselves the responsibility of following most of the classical principle: man is the leader in the professionalnompoprische, and a woman - in the household.Sometimes quarrels arise only povoprosam parenting.The external sign of happy families can schitatsleduyuschee.During the first ten years after the wedding, his wife was put on weight anywhere to8 kg and men - 8.5 kg.

6 -phase phase relationship outcomes (from the twelfth and fourteenth year).Women after svoegosorokaletiya (a little later and men) are already beginning to bring the first itogisupruzhestva.As a rule, they recheck life plan, because they understand chtoostaetsya not have much time to carry out the most important thing.Some partners consider the situation that it got stalled, frustrated, sometimes even willing to retreat.Nekotoryeosoznayut that wealth - it is in my life the most important thing.This periodmozhno described as "rannyayaosen" marriage.

7 phase of relations - crisis (from the fifteenth and twentieth year).Love has turned into a habit, partners gradually begin each otdruga retreat.Women do not want to put up with the weakening of the attention her husband, tolerate indifference.Some women get fat in this period by an average of 17 kg.A umuzhchin often appear "left" connection.They, however, refuse to otudobstv marriage is not going and prefer a love triangle, and his wife, on the contrary, often taking serious efforts to break.It is on this periodbolshinstvo divorces occur, and in 70 percent of cases initsiatoromyavlyayutsya women.

8th phase of relations - update (with the twenty-first and twenty-fifth year).Typically, partners checked uzhevse options later in life and were still together.Starts period- "autumn update."The children have already grown up and need the help of parents (except, perhaps, the financial).In some men, it opens on the "vtoroedyhanie."And women are also involved with pleasure your professional self.

9 phase relationship -phase "Late Spring" (from the twenty-fifth to the thirtieth year).Even when detkipokidayut father's house, the love of a sudden gets a fresh impetus: onastanovitsya more gentle and less selfish.48 per cent of their families otnosheniyaschitayut very happy.38 percent believe their harmonious, and only 3 percent -obremenitelnymi.

10 -phase phase relationship of old age (after thirty-two years old).This is the "harvest."Vmestesuprugi lived all his life can already enjoy the fruits of their love, as a rule, oniblagodarny each other precisely because of deep feelings for hours spent together.Despite the fact that men have gradually weakened physical capabilities, partners bezgranichnodrug trusted friend.Marriage reaches the "Golden Autumn".