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Love is a calculation or poetry?

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Matematikiiz California Science Center and Lloyd Shapley Gail David developed an algorithm that allows you to accurately calculate the loving attraction of a particular man ikonkretnoy women.Lord assure that the long life of a married couple matematicheskipodobrannoy be guaranteed.Moreover, it is not a calculation based on the compatibility of couples searching for a certain objective criteria identified by psychologists.No, it's much easier.Compiled a list of parnogokolichestva ladies and gentlemen.For the accuracy of mathematical calculations dostatochnopo 100 of each sex.Everyone has wishes otnositelnoopredelennyh and attractive to individual men and women kachestv.Naprimer, the man says, "I want to be their partner had blue eyes, black hair- and it should be able to cook chops chicken cutlets."A woman, for example, expresses the desire "that the man was above average height, with gray eyes iobyazatelno could dance."

man standing under vspiske №1, is presented to the woman u

nder №1.This vovsene matter if it fits under the requirements put forward by the lady, because parevybirat is not anything else.The woman automatically accepts the offer, resulting paraobyavlyaet conditional engagement.

Immediately math "activates" a man under №2.He likewise appears before a woman №1.If it is more in line with its videniyuidealnogo partner Lady breaks conditional engagement with a man number 1 challenger and receiving an offer №2.The first gentleman, who nevertheless was rejected, with his №1 refers to the search for the pair in the list.This can be a woman or №2 №3, etc.

Meanwhile, a woman offers №1 make other men according to their order (and the rest of the women vsemostalnym withdrawn and outstanding men izspiska).That is now the women an opportunity to select and compare.Yoni, subject to a simple selection logic: "The more, the better", tearing up tehpor engagement is definitively not choose among the hundreds present most priblizhennogok the standard partner.The other men and women doing the same thing.

Diplomirovannyematematiki Gale and Shapley estimated that if lists of potential partnerovbudut long enough, say 100, and 100, or 1000 and 1000, eventually kazhdyychelovek select from the list the second half.This is the scientific concept of approach ksemeynomu Fortunately at the time of choosing the pairs.

course, this is a simple explanation.In fact, the mechanism is called the Gale-Shapley algorithm (algoritmotlozhennogo agreement) with clever formulas and based on the theory of matching also (zadachao Mariage).By the way, Shapley was awarded the "Nobel Prize" 2012 ekonomike.Bezdushnuyu scientific theory once accused of prudence and technicism.Swears zaignorirovanie sensual principle and all other sins.However matematikoyne argue - it is an exact science.Have patience.Since vzyalasnauka for love, the sensation necessarily wait!

to psychologists

But where zhebez psychologists?This fraternity finds its human relations votchinoy.Uvazhaemy Italian specialist Señor Guido Kaldarelli objected: metodhorosh, but it works correctly only eslimuzhchina and a woman to each other are selected according to their own preferences.Vsovremennoy civilization at a pressure on the psyche and human memory by pop culture, the society becomes uniform.We all look similar movies, read odnotipnyezhurnaly.And without even knowing it, we internalize those standards appearance, behavior, preferred values, which promotes media.Formiruyutsyastereotipy, installation, which "climb" is so deep in the subconscious, chtoizbavitsya from them is not easy, and some categories of men and women and does not need any of these stereotypes refuse.

Here ipoluchaetsya so that almost 90 percent of men prefer brunettes (amozhet blondes and, depending on the season), even not knowing that the image is recorded in the subconscious idealnoypartnershi mass culture.Drawing attention to etoobstoyatelstvo, Kaldarelli vpridumannuyu Californian mathematicians Gale and Shapley concept optimalnogovybora spouses introduced its error rate «Vogue factor," aforesaid as a "factor of beauty."That is, if the «Vogue factor" svoystvenenmnogim people in the group, it is much easier to find them mate.Inachegovorya ladies will often stop the choice on stereotypical searing brunette (blond).Scientist warns: "Remember that the standard of beauty often navyazanpop-art!Learn to be independent in choosing preferences vneshnostiprotivopolozhnogo sex and have more confidence in your taste.The main thing budteaktivnymi to choose, do not follow the stereotypes! ".

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