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Flirting on the side of a married woman

The woman is capable of a fantastic night to grow a novel and cherish the memory of him for years.And well, if it is only memories: Increasingly, we are beginning to suffer blow in your mind the importance of what happened, to close on a real relationship, transferring all the energy possible to call a meeting in a social network or a fleeting meeting after returning from the resort.Flirting on the side of a married woman - not a fairy tale today, as profit. Sooner or later, losing a lot of energy and a real chance to create a full-fledged relations, the woman comes to the conclusion that it had been deceived, not wanting to accept the simple fact that she deceived herself.In most cases, the woman and starts going through a romantic adventure is not a real person, and a private, cherished for years, and now, finally got a chance to implement the dream.The man in these dreams takes the role of extras, and, honestly, dreamer usually have neither the time nor the inclination to look at it is better, at lea

st try to find out what the man next to her.Common syndrome Tatyana Larina: "The soul waiting for someone ... and wait."This is one of the main reasons that make the continuation of flirting on the side of a married woman in disappointment.But there are other ...

Why are we drawn to the new?

why most experts - from psychology to astrologers - very skeptical "of the second series?".

novelty factor, attract new

with this man you have not yet experienced financial problems, quarrels and painful compromises.You may not have time to get used to it, so that to know his features with his eyes closed and the nature of snoring understand how much cans of beer he drank the night before.It is for all of you - the discovery and revelation.Alas, by the novelty of the program pledged physiologically to the brain, there are not more than forty days.

hormonal surge

met new sex object, the body reacts in a certain way: actively generates hormones, pheromones and various neural connections that, firstly, make you attractive to the object, and secondly, to create a sensitivity toits charms.Validity of hormonal madness - six weeks.


the resort we deliberately go out to two weeks to live a better life than we do that the other 350 days of the year.The resort - a chance for the men (and women) become what he wanted to be with adolescence - a generous, witty, gallant, fervent, but what is in reality not be obtained: it is difficult, expensive, and too many worries.It is impossible to argue that this is a deliberate deception.You, too, freed from washing and ironing, having time on Balinese massages and horse riding, not quite the same as at home.And it's not cheating ... It's just the reality - better than usual.


married man resting without a spouse, not just try to catch up and give a woman that does not work (or may not) give a lawful wife.However, in 99 cases out of a hundred, none of these men does not think of something more serious than a two-week break in the marital debt.And yet, in spite of everything, you want to make the summer did not end - and seems ready to go for any inconvenience, if only to keep close to the man who, as it seems, has brought into your life a holiday, sunshine, romance... Well, try to at least do not lose your head and soberly assess their chances.If you follow the logic, of course, at stake is the man, if not removed from you geographically: you have to understand that, living in the same city and, even better, belonging to about the same social class, both of you get a real chanceto create "something serious" than if your relationship is in the form of obstacles interfere with age, geographical and social factors.But the logic in these cases are not always in place.Then ask yourself, being a successful 40-year-old woman from a big city: Are you ready to maintain and promote the irresistible 23-year-old plumber from a small central Russian town if he would respond to the call of love and throwing all of you rush to the capital?And will he be able to adapt?

Remember that your attempts to "drop everything" is unlikely to be able to withstand the test of time.In Jordan Petra alive the story of an Australian tourist, so much fell in love with the Bedouin that she left the country and family and lived for several years in a cave.However, when a few years later, she is full of nomadic life and wanted to return with the child to their historic homeland, she had to go through many exciting adventures before everything ended well: after all, under sharia law the child belongs to the father's family ... Now, Peter (and notonly), you can buy a book of Australian reckless Juliet "My Life with the Bedouins."It is recommended to check it before you decide to some madness in the name of the senses.But let's not forget about the exceptions.For example, from the immutable rule, which states that from holiday novels never get anything good.If you think it's worth it - risk!

methods to fix acquaintance

To sequel was successful, fruitful and do so, as you want to start taking care of it should be well before the separation.Prepare the soil!In order to "instead of whether we meet after the return?" To get enthusiastic "yes!", Use the "anchor system."Every time the man you well - it feels confident, free and happy - "attach" this feeling of a gentle touch to the same place (for example, to bend the elbow to "secret place" has been available to you always).After 7-10 days, he laid the conditioned reflex - to respond to the special touch of elation.Then ask a question, not forgetting the chance to put her hand on his arm ... Just do not forget that for 1-2 touch no "anchor" is not established, "prepare the ground" should be with a day of exploring ...

Catch the glory

man wants to be admired.Well, listen, listen and admire - and, most of all, he wants to get you back into your life.Remember the recipe Lili Brik: "We need to convince the man that he was wonderful and even ingenious, but that others do not understand ... Well, and the rest will make good shoes and silk underwear."

Make an offer he can not refuse

you have time to learn the range of his interests and find common ground?Gracefully turn the conversation to a concert or a game that you can visit after returning.Poster is easy to find on the Internet, accessible at any resort.

Pull in SMS flirt

advance man to awaken the interest of such a failsafe means like SMS communication.Accustomed to receive from your stubby, romantic or funny sms, he will wait for them implicitly and when your living side-by-side end.In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to advance to exchange phone numbers ... He - an employee of the hotel where you will spend your vacation.For employees of the tourism industry is characterized by a cynical attitude towards tourists.The novel, which has become an event for you, for him - just fun hotel among the gray of everyday life.He - native to the southern country where you come to rest.For the Greeks, the Turks and the Egyptians to look for white-skinned tourists - a matter of honor.Unofficial Code requires them immediately to offer his hand and heart, but do not take oaths seriously hot.You accidentally discovered that he deceived you?Ivanov himself as Edward, and you see the ticket in the name of Robert Vasina?He said that no child, and fell out of his wallet Photo twins?Even if an innocent deception, it inevitably points to the fact that you are dealing not with a real person, and a mask.He too meticulously figuring out where you live, how many earn, as often happens at home, how much money to take a ... Do not forget about the existence of fraud, using women's thirst for love in the wrong purposes.It is not necessary to open the person whom you know for three days.Warning to you it begins to manifest only after a dose of alcohol and sober keeps aloof.Do not convince yourself that it is the desire to save your reputation.Most likely, the thing difficult relationship with alcohol.

holiday novels phenomenon is explained by the topological aspects.Energy space, interacting with personal power, influence our destiny.It happens that the place that you have chosen (and the choice was not accidental, even if you feel that you just grabbed last minute), more conducive to the manifestation of your irresistibility and suitable for a novel than a place of residence.Alas, it happens that, having left its "place of love," and you lose part of the romantic energy.This is one of the explanations short holiday novels.Although there are times that we go overseas, it is to meet the love of life.This feeling of "coming" home with us and well take root on the familiar soil.In general, we can safely say that a person's horoscope is changing significantly after the move, and these changes can be very different.A person can become successful in business, love and relationships with people - in anything ... But it may, on the contrary, become and the less fortunate.It all depends on the specific areas where you are going to go, as well as the positions of the planets in your birth horoscope.But with the help of astrology really is possible to select a location on the planet, when moving to that you will most lucky in love.By the way, the prospect of having attended holiday romance, and even its extension, you can turn to horary astrology, because astrology is a fact.She says there will be held an event (yes or no), and can also tell us about the circumstances related incident.However, in the case of site selection can help travel and elective astrology.