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Seduce a man with the help of smell

every self-respecting woman left no one way to seduce a man.But the seduction of the stronger sex by using smell is completely infallible weapon.The woman owning such a weapon would be able to attract the attention of any man.

Women often underestimate the important role of odors in their lives.Due to the spirits, we have learned to change the flavor of its own, to seduce a man by a smell.Perfume for elegant women are the latest addition to the ladies' room.Much of the success of women in the love life depends on the flavor of the aura around her.With this craft can subconsciously affect the man, cause a feeling of interest, admiration or desire to touch the open.

times you did not understand what you liked this man.Why suddenly your heart began to beat faster?Science explains this phenomenon as a chemical.In other words, our body has reacted to the smell.If you unconsciously draws the flavor of another person, you do not pay attention to such things as character traits and external intelligence.

If you have long been trying to get the attention of some men, and all your efforts so far have been unsuccessful, should try the power of fragrances.Scents can do wonders.The main thing to be able to use them.

So, the first thing to attract his attention, stop his eyes on her.Bright, playful fragrance with delicate fruit and spicy wood notes will impress more than one man.

And how did seduce a man by a smell?

Smell - one of the components of memories.A small hint of a peculiar flavor, can easily open a wave of memories.Why not use the opportunity to leave a trace in his memory?But do not forget: your scent should not strangle the man.Men like it when a woman has a scent, light, nenavyaschevym but so dizzy and unforgettable.

Experts advise: to find "their" individual flavor, try a few different ones.Stay on that for which he will pay attention.

Aromatherapy - is the art of managing the mood with the help of smells.Today is a very fashionable topic for discussion.In order to give more eroticism in the intimate atmosphere, Perfume "your" scent linens.The combination of romantic music, shadows and intimate fragrance will help you to seduce any man.And, of course, do not stop at one thing.In the relationship between man and woman, it is important variety - experiment.

Another fact about smells.Many men enjoy the smell of women who had just emerged from the shower, that is their natural smell, given their nature.Perfumes, if misused might just ruin your natural scent.If you are worried about the bad as you think, your natural smell, very good way to get rid of these experiences - to discuss the matter with her lover.Asking the question, it is best to refer to the experiences of health.For example, in a joking manner to tell supposedly we heard that the smell of the genitals can diagnose the disease.Convince him that really sparks the answer is very important to you, in time to cure the disease.

Remember, the easiest way to seduce a man's own body odor, the smell of the natural female secretions.They contain pheromones, which act as a stimulant to the male.Therefore, before a date is not keen on antiperspirants, just do not overdo it, a strong smell of sweat is not conducive to a romantic mood.

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