Relations // Sex

Terms of good sex

Put on your pajamas! expensive designer lingerie lace with leather bra in the hole - great!But try to put on a variety of the usual flannel pajamas.And he immediately see and appreciate in a new role you naughty girl.From vamp, you know, too tired.

Stay very greedy! You can not expect too much ... You can not be selfish ... We can not mutilate the fragile male ego ... I'm tired!Require his passion!This will spur his ego and fantasy.

expose everything that you doubt!Big Booty?Bulging belly?Nonsense!He loves your body.Soft, warm and hypersexual.

biggest drawback

If you want your favorite was the Energizer, do not forget to watch his diet.

increases if the beer at the TV libido or not - a moot point, but the zinc increases precisely.If the body lacks zinc, it may result in a decrease in testosterone levels in the male body.That in turn would lead to a partial reduction of his sexual activity.Buy nice to feed more often vitamins or foods high in zinc - nuts, shellfish, marine fish, pulses and chee