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Learning to dance beautifully striptease

The first thing to notice is the music.Not all music is suitable for this case.The main thing is that from the first bars of music you have on your body swept herd pleasant shiver, the body relaxes, flew out of my head all the rules of propriety, and his body was seething from their own sexuality.Here, of course, you need to dig deeper into his musical storerooms.Spy some movement, and even take the music can be a basis of the movies.A good example may be the movie "stripper" starring Demi Moore or movie 9 ½ weeks.

next point that you need to pay attention to is the image of a seductress.Who are you?Vamp girl or a neighbor, maybe narcissistic narcissus?It's time to think about your costume, reconsider what is it about sex in her wardrobe.If nothing impressive, maybe it's worth discard shyness and look at the light in the sex boutique?In truth, the boutique is where carousing fancy!You can buy several versatile dresses that they can be combined and surprise your partner with new and new images.

Next you need to take care of the make-up and hairstyles, they should complement your image.

few tips on choosing clothes.Minimum buckles, eyelets, pugovichek that may cause difficulty in undoing.An excellent option can be velcro and buttons, as long as they did on your stockings nasty track, ie"Arrows" and tightening.

No Striptease dancing bare feet!An essential complement to the image of shoes are!From the home of the shoe assortment choose those shoes that you will surely stand and move comfortably in them, it's not over gatherings at the table!Note that the shoes should be easy to leave your feet to make you withdraw at the right moment stockings!

now need to think about the place where you want to surprise a loved one.Create a mysterious atmosphere.Subdued light will help you cope with anxiety and partner relax.If there are no small lamps with soft lighting, candles can be replaced, you can light a few simple and a couple with a delicate aroma (only need to choose one flavor), you can use incense sticks.

striptease - it's not easy to take and beautiful to throw off his clothes, one needs to take care of the special atmosphere.So there is work for the brain.Do not get too quick to dump your outfit is important to tease his imagination, anything that he knows every millimeter of your body, in this perspective, he does not know you.Stripping the body need a special delight.Freed from the clothing section of the body is necessary to demonstrate with great pride.Take, for example, gloves.Looks great contrast of one gloved hand, the other hand, without gloves (you have removed it too), free hand without gloves can cuddle partner.Using gloves, try to beat them, show the difference.

Movement to music.Calculate strictly all the movements to the music.If you are using a decoration wall and plan to use it to lean on it a little while to twist popochkoy, here you need to properly calculate the amount of necessary movements.If you repeat the movement once near the wall, it will look like a clumsy and ridiculous, and if you repeat it throughout the composition, then your audience just turn your attention to something else or even bored.Movement is better not repeat more than 4 times.

main weapon of the woman - it was her eyes.Neither rifle can shoot so as we are able to shoot through the eyes of women!Facial expression is also very important.Looking to be predatory, the person must express the sweet languor, as if you are enjoying itself.

climax striptease - it's wonderful when your body will leave the final piece suit that covers her beautiful body.

P.S.The striptease importantly a good mood, and it does not matter if something did not work out as you planned.Any stoppage in the striptease you can beat, and no one can say that something has gone wrong, an unforgettable experience and a good mood are you and your partner are provided on the whole evening.

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