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Shibari as a way to diversify sex life

little history

This erotic iskusstvovyroslo from ancient Japanese braiding of Hojo-zutsu.It pletenieispolzovali to immobilize the defeated enemy or criminal, in such a way that it can not move, or else it is not completely immobilized - braiding hands or feet.Thus, he could not walk, but could not rukamipolzovatsya because any movement he brought boleznennyeoschuscheniya.

Art shibari nachaloformirovatsya only in the twentieth century, in post-war Japan.In theaters prohodilieroticheskie productions involving women.Only the process and kompanovkapleteniya and fun.


eroticheskogopleteniya technique is very simple - based nalishenii female body mobility.This woman tied itself to itself, to give a figure of compactness.Sam just kind of stresses seksualnostzhenschiny.Rope smoothly and gently connects the arms and legs, waist wraps, golenipodtyagivayutsya to the torso certain node and pattern that gives oboimpartneram aesthetic and erotic pleasure.Sex can occur immediately after dalek

one roping partner.

partner or master shibarimozhet lead the sexual feelings of women.To do this he only stoitslegka press on nodes throughout the body.By the way, they do not just tally takhaotichno throughout the body, namely, the biologically active points, which, if they stimulate, will give his partner a very bright eroticheskievpechatleniya.

tool shibari

important edinstvennyminstrumentom and erotic art is shibari rope.And you have to pick it umetpravilno.Ropes are synthetic and natural, twisted ipletennymi.From the quality of the rope directly dependent sensations partner.If onasdelana of low-quality material, then it can damage the skin pokrovyi impressions of shibari will not be as bright, plus there will be feeling after eschenepriyatnye.

choosing rope stoitobratit attention to the properties of the limit on the stretch and tear.And sleduetpomnit the rope made of natural materials, with time mozhetpoteryat its strength.

Ropes made izsinteticheskih materials that do not lose their strength as natural.But stoitpomnit that they tend to stretch, which would entail soboyslozhnost tying node at a certain point.That is, with such verevkamivam need experience.

length of rope dolzhnasostavlyat 10-12 meters, this dolzhnohvatit to harness women of average build.The thickness of the rope is vzyat6-8 mm, thinner is not necessary, because it will be unpleasant to cut into the body.

Sensual Aesthetics

Shibari - it nespeshnyyvid erotic iskusstvai conducted only by mutual consent oboihpartnerov and without pain.Just tying mozhetdlitsya few hours, and the process will bring from the beginning until the end, and aesthetic enjoyment, both men and women.

Limit podvizhnostdaleko not all ways of tying.For example, the Karada - tying the torso in a grid-tying bare chest, called sindznyu, bolshenapominaet open bra, it does not restrict mobility.They altogether mozhnonosit all day under clothing.

main effect shibarischitaetsya sense of texture ropes on the naked body, the pressure nodes naopredelennye point, as well as a sense of support for the torso.It obespechivaetchuvstvennoe perception of contours of the body, what in ordinary life myredko pay attention.

next znachimostimanipulyatsiey of the body is considered to be full or partial retention by rail, which provides partial or complete immobilization.This telostanovitsya helpless, deprived of its independence, thus putting turned him aside conditions of physical freedom.Bound woman is completely dependent on another person's desire deystviyi.This is a symbol of lack of freedom, obedience and polnogodoveriya partner.

Cleverly sozdannayakompozitsiya of the female body with binding elements - a beautiful art idostavit sensual and aesthetic pleasure for both partners.

Shibari and Zen

svoeotrazhenie also found in the aesthetics of the erotic art of shibari and some osobennostidzen Buddhism, who came to the Japanese culture of China.

In the teachings of Zen meditation appears harakternoychertoy - self-awareness of his own body and the concentration naemotsiyah and sensations.

Rules caution

Shibari - it ochenslozhnoe erotic art.So before you start practicing this igruso his partner - you need to be trained at the Special Masters.Lyuboynepravilny round rope or carelessness can result in injury, disability and even death.Pretty simple rope pinch the carotid artery, if you do not know the proper technique harnesses.Also fascinated obvyazkoynepodvizhnogo body can easily damage the lymphatic and nervous uzly.Slishkom hard and fast contraction - injuries and burns on the skin.

If you do reshilivybrat shibari to the diversity of their sexual life, then you need to tschatelnoizuchit this question, then you will get only positive emotions and yarkiechuvstvennye moments.

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