Relations // Sex

Sexual disorientation and attitudes

Even during Freydalyuboe manifestation of sexuality has been under a terrible taboo.And though it byloestestvennoy need - even to talk about it out loud strictly zapreschalos.Sootvetstvenno, due to lack of normal physical problems zdorovyapoyavilis mental nature.The people demanded the emancipation of society, openness.Freud and started a revolution.Pretty soon the question of sex and sexuality otkrytogoproyavleniya been resolved.The issue resolved.

Around this same primerudeystvuyut and current defenders of sexual minorities.They protect their itrebuyut fair treatment.And all would do if dezorientatsiyaschitalas natural phenomenon.In essence, such a deviation is accepted schitatzabolevaniem.In turn, the defenders of gay and lesbian entitle them bytpsihicheski unhealthy.A percentage among others those who become "such" is negligible.The rest was just a bad experience rodaotnosheny standard.And the change of orientation in such cases - a convenient way to justify svoineudachi in life and on the perso

nal front.As we did not treat etimlyudyam?And what is the problem?

On the problem

make revolution Tucson problem remains the same.Of course, all is not as bad as it used to, but not takvse fun to close the issue under discussion.

Given that all of etomteper quite openly say, yet many of the topic brings diskomfort.Dazhe those of us who adhere to the traditional orientation, it is difficult to say openly to master the sexual preferences.

sex is considered something greshnys, demonic and shameful.And it is considered well partly because vsovremennom world is permeated with religious morality.If rassuzhdatobektivno - sexuality is inherent in each of us.We all know how poyavlyaemsyana light, and everything seems to be quite natural.But we are ashamed svoeyseksualnosti only because we seem shameful and immoral nashiseksualnye desire.

Sex is one way izosnovnyh samoutverderzhdeniya, the same for themselves.We use it to get a comforting feel love or power.And when we stand with help obtain the desired effect, our sense of inferiority goes navtoroy plan.But when once again, this method is no longer valid, that's when our problems inachinayutsya.The existing complexes and negative experiences traditsionnoyseksualnosti - all combine to lead us to the fact that we are changing znaks minus to plus.Manifested all sorts of fetishism, and in severe sluchayahperehodim on the side of same-sex love.

Realizing that orientatsiyasmenilas, one finds in this kind of justification and sense of relief.Onnahodit in this explanation of his past sexual failure.He just nahoditodin answer to all questions - "I'm different."

Gomofobiyai homophilia

Society has always believed vopredelennye ideals established standards.And when were those in the out of range of these standards, the society they despised and hated.So formirovalisrazlichnye protest movement and so on.The Company has sought to protect svoiidealy.

So it is here.We do not have consciousness incorporated that same-sex love - this is not normal, etoomerzitelno such people need to be despised.Society is horrified kogdavidit "abnormal", which is not ashamed of his "abnormality", exposing eёnapokaz.

So there protivnikiseksualnyh minorities.

Those who defend odnopoluyulyubov, just want to express my support and zhalos.We all know naskolkovazhno sense of empathy and compassion.And defenders of sexual menshinstvprosto trying to support, knowing that these people have problems kotoryeoni conceal his disorientation.Thus, those who do not protivgomoseksualov, trying to protect those whom society rejected.

other words, odobreniechuzhoy sexuality - a pretty good way to justify their sobstvennoepravo Sexuality.Convincing others that their sexual otkloneniyanormalny, we give the green light to their sexual preferences.Persuading vnormalnosti others at the same time, we urge this and themselves.

there is a third - normalnyelyudi, they are in harmony with each other and they do not care about chuzhoyorientatsii.Well, there are strange people, well, they do not have enough of something in life, they prostonaslazhdayutsya that do - so what.And he is not eager to defend or otvergatdezorientirovannyh.This is its normality.