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Top 10 tech blowjob

1. Oral dlyanachinayuschih

etogomineta whole basis is that a woman should be using the lips (which is vazhnot.k. Blowjob in the teeth can easily injure male sexual organ) prikrytzuby, thus giving hismouth shape of the letter "O".Lips this momentdolzhny be relaxed, soft and free.One hand should be derzhatsyaza base manhood and slowly, wet lips slide on nemupo downwards until you oschutitekomfortno itself.Already at the bottom should stay there for a couple of seconds itakzhe slowly return to the opposite position.All movements must be plavnopovtoryat.Not bad will happen if you lean out the tongue and use it to wake skolzitpo member.That's just try to completely avoid scratches and mowing - nikakogoudovolstviya it will not bring your partner.

2. «Eskimo»

Just like the first time if you need to cover the lips teeth.You do not reduce the level of traumatic tolkosmozhete but also formed from lips tightly gladkimkoltsom can embrace the male sexual organ.With paltsevnuzhno delay on its trunk skin

.Firmly taking dick in his hand, bare the egogolovku and proceed to the movements which, by their likeness should napominatoblizyvanie ice cream.The most important thing in this technique - drill pravilnyedvizheniya using the language: the language is recommended to slide quickly on golovkechlena, like painting a surface on all kinds of figures.All dvizheniyayazykom can be absolutely diverse in nature - from medlennogopodlizyvaniya and finishing fast and intermittent touch in narodenazyvaemymi snake touches.

3. «passionately»

you need to use your mouth as nebolshogopylesosa: drawn into the mouth of the hollow body of his partner half and posleetogo not yet relaxing creates a vacuum, pull it out of his mouth.Stoitotmetit that such bilateral tension leads to a strong vozbuzhdeniyu.Esli talk about the pace of movement, it is not obliged to be firmly established -one individual.But often the stronger sex give predpochtenievysokoy speed.It is appropriate to note that in this case the movement yazykomschitayutsya superfluous.

4. «Deep Throat»

This kind of blow job is one of samyhpredpochitaemyh and favorite among men.However, this technique has its "pitfalls": deep dive into the woman's mouth penis mozhetvyzvat gag reflex, and even the feeling of suffocation.So, dear ladies, will initially quite appropriate training on bananas.You should rasslabitsvoyu larynx and for what in the world do not try to stretch it - only in this sluchaebanan, but in practice the sexual organ is without difficulties hoditvzad-forward.Enter it in the throat.It is not excluded by the fact that for the first time at the vasmozhet nothing happens and you can not swallow it entirely but poslenekotoryh training all movements become much more free and easy.

5. «Mad orgasm»

great blowjob This technique enhances orgasm.If you straighten your finger will block the channel at the base of the penis erupts sperm pokotoromu, and at this point vsemustvolu massaging his lips and hands, there will be an imitation of spasms that characterize prisemyaizverzhenii, and so you will be able to bring your partner to paradise dlitelnoevremya pleasure.And when the sperm still break out - eeizverzhenie be incredibly long and intense.Yavlyaetsyato curious fact that this technique is very effective for a man capable of uvelichitudovolstvie.

6. «Cat»

man dolzhenrazdvinut legs, and a woman move down.Then you need to start at pomoschiyazyka iron crotch, that is between the testicles and anus.All vynavernyaka pay attention to how cats varnish water?If so, his tongue topostaraytes repeat exactly the movement.Start sleduetsnizu and do not forget either about one millimeter male dostoinstva.Takuyu technique man certainly will not forget!

7. «wet blowjob»

name of this technique itself is already speaks for itself.For nachalaneobhodimo using the lubricant to grease your hands.Your main task in etotmoment is to do everything possible to manhood ostavalosv not dry.Initially, the pressure of the lips must be weak.Until then, pokavash partner can "warm up", his penis is in a very chuvstvitelnomsostoyanii so strong pressure may seem very unpleasant.So it is best to begin the process with nezhnyhi slow movements from top to bottom.Holding on to the penis by hand, imagine that etochupa Chups.After the move away from the man and let the so-called "candy" to slip out of your mouth at the same time creating a distinctive cotton.Do not forget to use your hands vprotsesse.

8. «Butterfly Wings»

The secret of this technique is that somewhere naurovne 2-4 santimetrovot head of the penis is a zone that is nazvaniekorona.Just under this same crown is very gentle vertikalnayaskladka skin.This is one of the most sensitive areas located at telemuzhchiny.Stimulating it when using blowjob lips, tongue or hands vymozhete give his beloved the most memorable and nothing to nesravnimyeoschuscheniya.

9. «rotation»

pre-moistened lips add up vokruggolovki, after which you must carefully through her bridle swing from side aside like candy.Plus, this technique - it does not require nikakoypredvaritelnoy training and special skills on the part of women.Thanks eystimuliruetsya one of the most sensitive areas, located on a man's penis, which can lead to a strong and quick orgasm.Most often this tehnikuispolzuyut order to restore after already held blizostiboesposobnosti sexual partner.

10. «Hummingbird»

«Hummingbird" is considered the new oral blowjob technique, kotorayadostoyna to try it.Believe me, at least your partner uzhtochno be surprised.

Initially, you should apply in the "handiwork" .Uderzhivaya firmly with one hand his sex organ, mouth upwards ivniz slide on it.Once you see that the man is strongly excited, start by holding at that moment the penis deep in the mouth buzz.Of course, things first glance it may seem to you quite ridiculous and absurd occupation, Noeto only the beginning - then you notice the reaction of your partner: vibrations that publishes your mouth will pass through the whole of his sexual organ and temsamym produce stimulation every cell of the body.

To increase the thrill, at the time when you nachalizhuzhzhat, press nebu.To sexual organ to the same thing you can do with his balls, sucking them initially, Azat, taking in the mouth, start buzzing.Believe me, probably not many of his partnershidostavlyali him pleasure in using takogoneordinarnogo way.He certainly will not be able to forget this technique!

And finally, a little hint: if he liked etatehnika in your performance, do not let him remain in your debt.Taking gubamivash clitoris and began to hum, it will give you a heavenly bliss, kotoroerazoletsya all over your body.Etonepremenno effectively excites and gives no incomparable experience!