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The female condom: Terms of Use

One of the new means of contraception - zhenskiyprezervativ, it provides an opportunity to protect themselves from diseases and unwanted by peredayutsyapolovym beremennosti.Esli compare the female condom with other contraceptives, this method can be called quite expensive, but it should be noted thatKomissiyaObedinennyh Nations AIDS and World Health zdravoohraneniyavsemi ways advises and promotes the use of the female condom because it is the most effective means of protection against diseases, kotoryeperedayutsya sexually contracting HIV / AIDS and unwanted pregnancies.

Kakustroen female condom?

Condomes made of polyurethane plastic, and etotmaterial very thin, but at the same time durable.Female condom - a cylinder which has a length of 15 centimeters and a diameter of 7 centimeters.Takayazaschita introduced as well as a tampon.One end of the condom is closed and fiksiruyuscheekoltso.The open end has myagkoekoltso which is located on the external genitals of women priispolzovanii.Internal kolt

sobolshogo size encircles the closed end, and the covers the cervix and stays in one place for tazovoykostyu.The outer ring encircles the konetsprezervativa, which is open and after administration is no longer predelahvlagalischa.

Preimuschestvazhenskogo condom

zhenskogokondoma have no contraindications.It can be administered in lyuboevremya to intimacy - do not even need to wait for an erection when compared with obychnymmuzhskim condom.Zhenskieprezervativy have no smell, oniochen durable and soft even eslisravnivat with latex, this method of protection is much stronger.This product is available for sale with slubrikantom.Sell ​​such protivozachatochnyesredstva without a prescription, and use them quite simple.

Woman samostoyatelnomozhet introduce a condom, and for that she did not need medical assistance.If prezervativispolzovat properly, it will reliably protect you from diseases that mozhnozarazitsya from a partner during intercourse and pregnancy that you unnecessary.You also need to say a few words, that such a device will protect you otgonorei, hepatitis B, chlamydia and HPV.Condom into the vagina may be naprotjazhenii 10 hours, which is not the male condom, kotoryyneobhodimo withdraw immediately after intimacy.

Znachitelnuyuchast your genitals covers the outer end, thanks to you predohranyaetesebya further.When this method of protection zhenschinaispolzuet immediately eliminates the risk of hormonal pobochnyheffektov.However, there is less of a contraceptive - is its price.Takoyprezervativ is much more expensive than the male.But due to the fact that takoykondom used only once, therefore, constantly predohranyatsyatakim way will be very expensive.

Vazhnoskazat that if you happen to damage the condom, then you can not even hope chtoon protect you.Moreover, in this way may protect people from kotoryhallergiya latex, because such a condom is made of polyurethane.Dazheesli during sex with a partner will not be sufficient erection, a condom ostanetsyana place.Also remember that the female condom is thinner men, and etouvelichit sensitivity intimacy.


Earlier uzhegovorilos that the female condom has a drawback - its highest price in comparison with the conventional male latex condom.Moreover, if a woman has a weak vaginal muscles, then this method of protection is unlikely she podoydet.Takzhe many women do not share what you need to prepare in advance kpolovomu act and plan for it by using a condom.It is said that if you choose this method vospolzovatsyaimenno protection while in no way be ispolzovatv as a lubricant Vaseline because rubber becomes loose and spermatozoidymogut penetrate beyond it.

Eslivozniknet need, then you need to use special condoms with lubrication, special lubricants, spermicides, to "lean" case, the saliva.Of course, ponachalumnogih women confused by what means little peeps because chtoviden outer rim, but after a try to argue that nikakogodiskomforta and discomfort arises.

better vsegohranit packaging such contraceptives in a cool and dry place, so that it is not exposed to direct solar luchi.Pomnite that condoms need to buy only in pharmacies!So you get a guarantee chtostoprotsentno able to protect themselves and be healthy.Even if you see a product cheaper in a precarious place, do not buy it, nepoddavaytes temptation.Condoms, kotoryeproizvodyatsya reputable manufacturers of carefully checked iprohodyat control in accordance with accepted standards.

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