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Pose 69 sex

Pose really yesterday, a couple of thousand years, she, according to the archaeologists, there really is.So what?Missionary position exists thousands of years, and Bozeman have come up with our anthropoid ancestors.So you can safely assume that 69 - newfangled and advanced technology, about the fifth iPhone.However, more importantly, we have the actual equipment.For example, French betas Vernon, now the main authority in the field of sex, believes that modern women really do not have enough skills slowly, without haste to enjoy.And it was for the pleasure of the people most often have sex."Sex in haste it considers harmful, comparing it with a hamburger that you ran replaced well prepared complete meal: quench your hunger, but fun at C grade.

So pose 69 - a great way to work out in slow sex as to achieveorgasm for both of you have to suffer as it should. However, this kind of torment for the soul, even those of us who are afraid of fire as a whip, handcuffs and other bondage. will not hurt. Especially
if you do everything right.

Game Rules
"Crosslove ", as a rule, it is somewhere in the middle of foreplay - it is difficult to begin sooner than you until the end of undress, and hardly anyone is willing to consider it," main course. "It's hard not to succumb to the temptation to forget about everything and make the process of gameone of the gates. In this case, the best solution may be alternate affection - so everyone has the opportunity to focus on their own feelings. Or use the mirror technique: to the extent possible repeat everything that makes your partner.Do you want to - let it repeats on you.

During orgasm, some women reflexively tighten the jaw.If this is your standard reaction - can hardly practice simul.

main charm of this position - in effect, to prolong the pleasure and orgasm - rather an optional bonus.

Girls COX
boyfriend is spread on the bed, on top of you.Ask him to bend your knees - they serve as a support to your shoulders, and at the same time he will be in front of you all at a glance.This design 1'amour croise (if you happen to express himself in a bed in French) is convenient to the girls: the ability to control not only themselves, but also the partner is an advantage.It is no alternative, if the lover has got little or even impressive tummy: this classic version of 69 will not be distracted by particular shape partner.And most importantly, you can not be afraid that when it is done, the man collapses at you with all his weight.

In addition, such a posture is not very convenient for those couples who have a fairly large difference in growth.However, in this case, the "deficiency" can neutralize, if a man is put under his ass a few pillows, thereby reducing the distance from your rotika to his manhood.

Boys top
This variation was invented, of course, men.Partner controls everything: the rhythm, the strength of aftershocks, the penetration depth and duration of the process: you are lying on your back, man - on top, leaning on his elbows.Well, if he kept steadily on hand: you can either do not care about anything - will move his hips reflexively.However, losing his temper, he can increase the amplitude of that you will face at least gag reflex, and even laryngeal trauma, if your significant other is strongly carried away.To monitor the safety net a little friction, and the depth of penetration, pushing his hands on his hips.

Side view
most comfortable posture variation - the location of the jack for the first experiments with the posture 69, it does not matter neither growth nor body, nor the number of eaten your dinner donuts.In addition, it is easy to move to other foreplay - massage the buttocks or feet, for example.If you want to rest the neck, leg pillow you will your partner.Minus this position - not so close contact of bodies as in "on each other", slightly reduces the overall excitement.To compensate this little flaw can be gentle stroking of the abdomen, chest and priests.

For thrill-seekers are perfect for all kinds of vertical position 69.

Well sit
vertical position of the partners brings more discomfort just for girls by the blood rushes to your head.Therefore, they are only good as a fun Exercise, not as another way to prolong the pleasure.In this position, the man sits on the edge of the bed, legs apart and putting your hips to your shoulders.You - upside down, face-to-man, in fact, stand on his hands.You can rely on the one hand, and the second to encourage partner.Carte blanche in this case it because you are helpless before any of his actions.The transition to this position from the best of the classical head 69. Then you will begin to spin not only on a rush of blood.

Study on the knee
This option is already sitting posture from the category of acrobatic, which are so popular in ancient Indian comics.Your partner should take a sitting position on his knees and raise your head down, face to his side, so that your hips are turned on his shoulders.His hands man should greatly attract you to your body.Your hands are free at the same time and go to the aid of his lips and tongue.You find yourself more open to the partner than in other versions of poses.Well, he has the opportunity for the deepest dive, if you do not mind.You will this pose promises to give a feeling of weightlessness, of helplessness and total dependence on a partner.

Standing time
If you are athletic enough and you want thrills, vertical 69 will be just in time.The main burden falls on the man.Literally.Transition into a better position from a sitting position.Your hips are still on the shoulders of the partner.His hands should be a backup for your shoulders.Firmly grasp the hands of his torso and try to relax as much as possible - you are nothing depends.Time in this position only limited physical capabilities men, who, alas, will not be able to relax - if, of course, cherish your health.So spectacular finale to finish better than violent foreplay.And for your favorite variation of this - a great opportunity to demonstrate that he knowingly went to the gym.

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