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Use a variety of poses in intimate relationships

How seksualnyepozy affect the physical well-being?

exercises are very polozhitelnovozdeystvuyut to various muscles.By stimulating the muscles while stimuliruyutsyakapillyary, flasks, they become elastic, and blood on them tsirkuliruet.Kazhdaya active cell in our body receives as much energy as needed.Because of erythrocytes (it krasnyekrovyanye cells), tissues of the human body get enough kolichestvokisloroda in optimal number carried into the lungs carbon dioxide vitoge it contributes to the effective separation of oxygen from hemoglobin, and when the metabolism is normal - every single cell of the body poluchaetpolzu.

joints in our bodies are also active, so held ihprofilaktika.The fluid (synovial), lubricates joints, operates fairly effektivno.Iz the fact that the metabolism is normal, due to the great circulatory zdorovyesostavy get a lot of nutrients necessary for their effective functioning.Organizmrabotaet smoothly.

Using different sex positions, the body gets otlichnuyunagruzku to mor

e muscle, all the organs and systems.And this is important because there are muscles, which in normal circumstances is quite slozhnovozdeystvovat.

as sexual pozyvliyayut on the emotional well-being?

Whenever soprikasaemsyamy with a loved one, we are strongly activated in positive emotions.And kogdaeto happening for quite some time, and a variety of sexual poses vsegdasposobstvuet prolong intercourse, we charge a huge kolichestvompolozhitelnyh emotions, which then remain for a long time.Between people, lyubyaschimidrug other sorts of barriers disappear, physical and emotional, despite the circumstances narazlichnye partners accept each other without conditionalities.Seksualnyeotnosheniya in some cases are the way to reconciliation, not because chtoproiskhodit splash of negative energy, but because it is vzaimozaryad polozhitelnoyenergii.By itself, tactile contact has a healing character.

Intimacy helps partners gain an understanding of how vazhnozabotitsya each other.A variety of exciting eksperimentys in sexual relations positions extend etoponimanie.Partners show a sincere interest in certain issues.For example, I would like the beloved (th) bit to diversify their intimate relationship in comfort to him that any other position as would (a) be engaged partner (sha) seksomi t.. All this is a manifestation of sincere interest in each other without which effektivnyhotnoshenycan not be.After all, nothing brings so emotionally, it does not raise the emotional background of man kakzabota.

What is the monotony in sexual poses?

between spouses sekskhorosh itself.In the sense that if the partners do not even have any sexual zhelaniyaraznoobrazit their relationship does not necessarily go against the wishes of any reluctance.When the lesson in the traditional position of sex as razlichnyegruppy functioning of muscles and have tactile contact.

However, if you and your partner are not convinced conservatives prietom sexual relationship you have is limited to two to five positions, and vashibytovye relationships often turn into a scandal that 85 percent budteuvereny that is something to take for a variety of intimate relationships,because there was a stalemate.

Interesting fact - the Wild West there was such sposobpytki when a man tied up and seated at a drop of water that postoyannokapala on benevolent, after a certain time, people just went crazy.So ive of our relationship, when two partners in life nothing changes, then life -Want and calm, quiet time with their bright colors and losing becomes routine.

If you do decide to have sex to make it tones, do not rush headlong into it.The first experiments sposobnykak warm up your interest and push once and for your attention.Therefore, due to first select the sexual position, which is not very different ottraditsionnoy.For example, turn a bit to the side, a little bolsheprognites, move rhythmically and move gradually to a more utonchennympozam.Experiment, because often changing sexual pose partneryispytyvayut orgasm is much stronger.

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