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Women aphrodisiacs


Segodnyavydelyayut three types of aphrodisiacs.The first type - stimulating substances imeyuschierastitelnoe origin.This grass, berries, spices, fruits, vegetables.From nihizgotavlivayutsya special tablets.The second type - stimulating substances in food of animal origin.The third kind - mineralnyeafrodiziaki.



Vnebolshih amounts of alcohol increases sexual desire of women.But ksozhaleniyu, not all women are counting the number of alcohol drunk.In addition, frequent use of alcohol leads to alcoholism.And we all know that female alcoholism is not curable.

esliv do decide to relax with alcohol, then drink one hundred grammovabsenta.This drink is made from wormwood.But it is impossible to drink more often chemraz month, so as part of its use can lead to frigidity.Therefore, and some other reasons, it was banned in many countries.

Absentkrepky drink.Therefore, you can get weaker: wine or shampanskim.Glavnoe - observe a sense of proportion.A couple of

glasses of wine with meat will benefit, but no more.By the way, before you drink, do not forget to eat well.


Suschestvuyutspetsialnye pills for women that enhance sexual desire.Odnakoih can be taken only with a doctor's permission, because they have shirokimspektrom side effects.Abuse of such pills can dazheprivesti to the fact that she can no longer be excited without dopolnitelnoystimulyatsii.In rare cases, there are breakdowns and malfunctions in vsehsistemah body.

Champagne fly

Etotafrodiziak been opened long ago.Many people stood in a queue, chtobypriobresti it.However, when it became known about the consequences after taking etogoveschestva, it was banned in many countries.In large doses, it causes kotravleniyu and even death.Even if you eat it veschestvoizredka, you can get problems with the urinary system.

Afrodiziakirastitelnogo and animal

Poleznyevozbuzhdayuschie material absolutely harmless to the body.Edinstvennymprotivopokazaniem to use some of them is individualnayaneperenosimost product.In these substances, contains vitamins, micro and macro elements and minerals.For best results, feed such products and vashuvtoruyu half.


Etoneobychnoe substance produced by the impact on the stomach kashalotakalmarov.Squids irritate, thus stands secretion.This veschestvodobyvaetsya both in the sea and on shore.Today it is difficult to buy vaptekah, as it is only sold in the United States.So buy this veschestvomozhno only through the Internet.


Etupryanost tried every one of us.It goes well with many blyudami.Poetomu, preparing dinner for herself and her favorite, add the vetochkubazilika.To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to use tolkosvezhie grass.


beans, soybeans, peas, lentils, beans - all powerful aphrodisiac.To dobitsyazhelaemogo effect of their use is recommended with spicy sauces.However nepereuserdstvuyte with such dishes as they lead to bloating.A etomozhet spoil the evening.

shellfish and fish

shrimp, oysters, fish, eggs - all of these products contain omega - 3 fatty acids, phosphorus and zinc.These substances cause the body perfectly toned and vozbuzhdayutzversky sexual appetite.


Nastoykazhenshenya invigorates, revitalizes, stimulates the nervous system.It is recommended to use at mnogihzabolevaniyah, as well as their prevention.Drink a course of ginseng and your libidouvelichitsya several times.


Imbirtakzhe used to treat many diseases.In addition, he otlichnopovyshaet potency.Plus ginger is that it can be used in cooking various dishes dlyaprigotovleniya.It goes well with tea, honey, pastries, meat products and so on.


Lukpomogaet colds, cleanses the body, boosts immunity.Besides etozamechatelny and accessible to all aphrodisiacs, which can be found in lyubommagazine.The main thing that this vegetable was grown in environmentally friendly conditions.

Lukwiya can add to soup or soup, salads and other dishes.The only minus a sharp breath.But this problem can be easily overcome.Skushaytenemnogo fresh parsley, chew cloves or drink a cup of coffee.Mozhnovospolzovatsya and regular toothpaste.


Chtobypovysit their sexual attraction sesame seeds should be consumed naprotjazhenii a long time, so that your body was saturated with vitamin E. Togdavy become more sensitive.Sesame seeds can be added to porridge or sweets.


Koritsuchasto added to pastries and meat dishes.It can also be added to tea, coffee, yogurt, milk.Many women often drink tea or coffee with cinnamon and while Dagenais realize how powerful aphrodisiac is this spice.


Vvostochnoy countries nutmeg long been used as an aphrodisiac.We zhechasto it is added to meat dishes.This product is a powerful vozbuditelem.No not necessary to use it in large quantities.Enough daily sedatodin nut.


Etuspetsiyu hard to find.It is a powerful stimulator of libido.As part shafrananahodyatsya substances that stimulate the action of our erogenous zones.Egovozdeystvie comparable to the influence of hormones.It is a nice relaxing and snimaetnapryazhenie.


Eechasto used in confectionery products.The aroma of vanilla and excites vyzyvaeteyforichesky effect.Therefore, you can simply ignite Aroma neeneskolko add drops of essential oil of vanilla.Stormy night you provided!

Cayenne pepper

Zhguchayaspetsiya, which increases blood circulation, thereby increasing libido.Ispolzuetsya as a seasoning for various dishes, as well as for weight loss and increase sexual activity.


Seldereyvozdeystvuet only as an aphrodisiac for women.This is due to the fact that onizdaet smell, which is similar to the smell of sweat of men.It zastavlyaetaktivirovatsya female pheromones and makes a woman sexually sensitive.

unforgettable, as an aphrodisiac that can be used not only products ispetsii, and aromatic oils.The best way to improve any podhodyatmasla: cinnamon, lavender, sandalwood, cypress, bergamot, ginger, ylang-ylang, sage, orange, vanilla, geranium, jasmine, rose, rosemary, cloves.

Nazametku.Products of animal origin irastitelnogo not divided into male and female.They soderzhatsyaopredelennye substances that stimulate blood flow to the genitals.Etovozbuzhdaet nervous system and causes your body to tone.But dannoysituatsii plays a significant role related to the private partner, your desire for intimacy is your attitude.