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Sexual complexes obese men

most common problems in the intimate sphere obese people have because of the notorious inferiority complex.Complexes on sex and intimacy, tend to have a negative emotional coloring.Emotions arise from even the thought of a sexual intercourse can cause fear, confusion, association with dissatisfaction and sinful acts.Because of this complex person may experience negative, not only in the genital area - may be affected and his life in general.

part of the complex of sexual violence observed in people who are overweight.And there is nothing surprising in this: if you do not sootvetstvuesh socially accepted standards, it can hinder an intimate chat.In this case, exit only two: either you take the diet and customize yourself and your body a more or less appropriate standards framework, or accept yourself for what you have in your present body.

course, be great if a person feels comfortable with a large figure, and not going through because of this.However long it lasted still can not, and difficulties
in communicating with the opposite sex will still take place.During lovemaking in bed you will have not two, but three of your partner, you and your weight, creating discomfort and inconvenience in intimate relationships.You just imagine how difficult it is to take any position, when a girth of your foot more than the average girl at the waist.And when you falls the mountain of fat, albeit in a soft bed - not a pleasant one.

sexual complexes may suffer both sexes.But often it happens, when, because of the intimate complexes men are more negative emotions gets his partner.Such complexes have been classifying and are named after famous heroes and historical figures.

complex Don Quixote
man may be a noble knight in shining armor, who admires his beloved ladylove.First woman to complete it can even be a plus, if she becomes the object of adoration.The man at first will not pay attention to the shortcomings of her figure, a lady showering compliments.But often his attitude toward women changed dramatically: he suddenly notices that his woman is not ideal from the past and love no trace remains.As a consequence, the gentleman not only are disappointed (to blame only himself: it was necessary at the outset to look at a woman sober view), but also cause significant injury of his former lover - because it is not changed, but it somehow ceased to desire andbestow compliments.So against this background, almost one hundred percent of the lady may have an inferiority complex, even before it from her and did not exist.

complex Don Giovanni (Don Juanism)
Don Juanism common in men who are not confident in their sexual opportunities.But that place and feel like a real man, he tries to seduce more women.The main goal for him - make sex with a lady, and after a night of love, his interest in the partner abruptly disappears.The woman does not understand what happened, why the man to her so abruptly lost interest and begins to look for the causes in himself, and is engaged in soul-searching in the final result, this leads to the appearance of uncertainty and complexes related to their appearance.

often complex Don Juan appears in obese men because extra weight and body wreathed do not contribute to a woman's attention to his person.Fat men do not look sexy in the eyes of women.And this, incidentally, is quite reasonable scientific explanation: excess fat prevents the production of sex hormones.And if not enough male hormones, then such behavior in the stronger sex becomes male.That and trying a "bun" to drag in bed as much as possible the girls to prove that he is "man."

complex macho
This complex is very similar to the previous one.Macho man with a complex and trying to show everyone that he is a "real man, brutal male", so it can be deliberately rude, in the case without good reason to use a different language, all its appearance showing their masculinity.The second half of the individuals have not sweet.It has to be absolutely perfect for him, blow him a speck of dust, and be three in one: a mistress in bed, the maid in the house of a friend and battle in society.And if the woman will show up imperfections in the figure (for example, she strongly recovered after childbirth), then it can dry off a flurry of non-constructive criticism and even aggression on the part of men.The very same man with macho complex can acutely perceive their failures in bed (and as already mentioned, they can be linked to his obesity), which, of course, only spoils all life.

complex Romeo
When ardent Romeo falls in love with a man (as a rule, at first glance), he begins to idealize his Juliet and she did not notice any flaws.If his girlfriend suddenly recovered, it can and does leave her on this basis.Naturally, a woman will be very painful to experience this gap and develop systems in this case it is guaranteed.

There are a couple of varieties of an inferiority complex in the sexual sphere in men:
  • complex of small penis (by the way, it may appear simply because of the inconsistency of bodily proportions partners).In this case, a man feared that will laugh at him, and did not go to the contact with the women;
  • complex Quasimodo.Man considers himself completely unattractive to women (and the truth, if it looks like a hippopotamus, the attractiveness is uncertain).In general, anyway, but to establish or improve sex life is resolutely crack down on excess weight.
most offensive that women complexes block the road to love, happiness, family well-being and professional success.According to surveys, almost 50% of the fair sex are dissatisfied with the parameters of the figure, and more than 90% are embarrassed to have sex in the light, that speaks for itself: confident woman quietly appear naked in front of the beloved.If this happens to you, try to remember: maybe someone once called you fat and it's very hurt you?In any case, I do not really think too hard about this, and even more so "jam" their complexes another chocolate.Better grasp the figure, thus killing two birds: gain beautiful, healthy body and get rid of complexes.