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How to deliver a man pleasure?

How to please a man: no sex secrets

  1. Feed nourishing and loving.

    mouthwatering dishes - this is only part of the overall plan of how to give pleasure to his hands.And not just cooked delicacy, but with nested soul.Many women are paying attention to precise imitation of the formulation, while forgetting to cook with love.Let your refinement is not as aesthetic, but with a sense of cooked food is always comforting man naveivaya the idea that he is loved.The tricks such care includes the following steps:

    • always cover the table and serve dishes with a gentle smile;
    • learn new dishes;
    • romantic dinner for two will never cease to be a success.
  2. Send camping with friends.

    Sure, every man has a hobby that is not always welcomed by women - fishing, football, hunting and so forth. In order to properly pleasure favorite, gather his hearty lunches and wish good rest.After all, so he will not feel guilty.You'll see, he will be delighted.First, you show that you are a wonderful wife, and secondly, it is

    a cause for envy of friends.

  3. Give some privacy.

    Reflecting on how to deliver a man pleasure, do not forget that women, though lovely, but sometimes annoying creatures.There is no need to insist on watching a movie or going to a friend, just let be alone and thoughtfully go through his papers.Or cook goodies and leave before the TV.Believe me, the surprise of the men would be no limit.

    proximity as a way to bring a man pleasure

    At the very beginning of the relationship the brightness of feelings and love reinforce emotional state, and making love are revealed in the entire spectrum of pleasure.However, over the years, poses begin to pall, and skilful mistresses have to look for new recipes to add a touch of diversity in intimate life.So what are the secrets help you to delight your favorite?

    1. please him in bed.
      • wondered what he wants;
      • shout and whisper, yelps and moans - if not asleep behind the wall couple elderly parents, your man will love;
      • surprises him - do something that had not previously allowed;
      • leave the lights on - a man excite visual images.
    2. Make drop eroticism in everyday life.

      We are not talking about the joys of bed at night, but about everyday life in the midst of erotic teasing.At least once a week serve breakfast in erotic lingerie or clean up with him in the image of a maid.You can also walk in stockings and heels - though not very convenient, but incredibly happy male eyes.It is also a good idea to organize joint viewing of erotic photos, videos, to please him.

    3. Leave lovely note.

    Funny and tender stupidity - the secret note, wishes, little praise - it's a piece of attention and soul that will please your man.And let it not so sentimental, and can not even admit it, believe me, to realize their significance is always a pleasure for the heart.

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