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Exciting aromatic oils: choose aphrodisiacs

How do the oil aphrodisiac?

There are aromatic oils, which are able to raise the mood, to calm the other, and the third - to excite and enhance the attraction.And do not think that it is fiction or a cunning marketing ploy, which is designed for greater demand.No, it's long been a proven scientific fact, having a mass of evidence.Few of us know that some fragrances or oils stimulate our nervous system, thus preparing us for erotic exploits.Substances that are contained in aphrodisiacs can not only cause the desire, but also relieve stress, complexes and rejuvenate.Below are the most popular aromatherapy oils that have these properties.

Action oils herbal aphrodisiacs.

Verbena - an excellent oil for sex

Previously, it was believed the plant and did love potion that is able to tame the most unruly man.But times have changed, omens in the past, but a miraculous effect on the sexual mood remained.This fragrance reveals a woman's passion and sensuality, adds sexual energy.

Verbena - an excellent oil for sex.

Jasmine - a gentle but wild flavor

Another popular aphr

odisiac jasmine considered.Moreover, not only oil, but also flowers of this plant.Smell acts like a substance that is produced in the body of a man in love.So do not be surprised that romantic evening you will recall the first date.

The delicate aroma of jasmine.

aroma of ylang-ylang scent

This helps partners to be liberated, to do everything to bring pleasure to each other.It is also believed that the oil of ylang-ylang - a powerful stimulator of orgasm, which is especially helpful for women experiencing difficulties in this regard.

Natural aphrodisiacs, ylang-ylang for relaxation.

Rosemary - flavored symbol of passion

oil of this plant is so strong effect on partners that can increase the intimate adventure as much for the whole night.Also, this property is renowned for its flavor mentally bring together a man and a woman that is so important in a strong relationship.

For enhanced effect recommend using these oils a special aroma lamp, which will help to create an intimate atmosphere in the whole house.If a woman wants more attention from men, it needed a little grease afrodizaikom under the ears.It is believed that in this place the people stand pheromones (substances that sends a signal about your attractiveness to the opposite sex drive).So, combined with the scent of oil - the effect is stunning!

The best of aphrodisiacs - rosemary.

We believe that this knowledge will help you to use the long night not only for healthy sleep, but also for the benefit of your relationship.Cleverly chosen oils are not only able to give the excitement, but also to awaken the senses for a long time cooled.

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