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The blood during sex: Causes and Consequences

What does the blood during sex?

most common cause of this unpleasant phenomenon is the lack of lubrication (grease) in women or rough sexual intercourse.Due to this, the vagina is exposed to mechanical damage, which can then bleed and cause burning.

But in addition to these reasons, the blood during sex may indicate a serious disease, such as thrush, vaginitis, cervical erosion, or even malignant tumors.

The blood during sex: Causes and Consequences

often bleeding during intercourse can cause reception of conventional aspirin or birth control pills.There is also a slight chance of bleeding in the implanted coil, which was not quite properly installed.

In some cases, this phenomenon indicates the incomplete defloration at first sex.The fact that the hymen is flexible enough and strong fabric, which may compromise the integrity is not the first time.

What if during sex I bled?

Should I worry if at first sex is not blood?

It is normal that the first intimacy can be completed without a single drop of blood.This is in no way indicates any violations and pathology.Just

when defloration blood vessels intact with that very well.As mentioned above, the lack of blood at first sex can also indicate not completely torn hymen.

What if during sexual intercourse was the blood?

if that is not the same "first time", then do not delay, contact a gynecologist.Only an experienced doctor will help identify the problem and, if anything, the appropriate treatment.In order to deal with the fact that it affects the vaginal bleeding you have to first be examined by a gynecologist after the urine test and the blood in some cases appointed by ultrasound study of the pelvic organs.

In addition, to determine the causes that provoke the blood, recommends to postpone their intimate life.If your genitals is an inflammatory process, then sex can lead to additional complications.Also, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, we recommend warm clothes, do not take hot baths and do not use tampons.

Several causes of blood during sex.

independently appoint a treatment is not necessary, as chosen the wrong medicine may not only aggravate the problem has already happened, but add new ones.The maximum that can be done by detecting the blood - is to make a sterile cotton swab.If there is pain, the analgesic drink.

As you can see, the causes of blood during sex, a lot, so do not have to guess and to self-medicate.Female reproductive system - quite fragile mechanism that can destroy frivolous attitude to health.Remember that the pain and the appearance of blood - this is the first signs of violations, and therefore do not ignore them, please contact a specialist.