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Chips, whether harmful to human health?

Just potatoes
Whatever is said and chips "Lux" is made from 100% potatoes that are grown not in greenhouses and laboratories, and on the Ukrainian fields - the hands of farmers and agronomists.Potato chips for the "luxury" does not contain GMOs.For the manufacture of chips grow special varieties of potato solids with high solids content.This reduces the number of calories in your favorite chips due to minimal absorption of oil in the frying them.Chips, "Lux" - is a natural potatoes that are fried in palm oil and add salt and seasoning.

What should not be afraid
now deal with oil and seasonings.Chips are not fried in the same amount of oil as we assumed.Palm oil, frying of sliced ​​potatoes, flows continuously.Moreover, unlike oil, palm does not contain any harmful isomers, which are deposited in blood vessels and inflame appetite.The structure consists of palm oil carotenoids (which give the orange color chips frying) and vitamin A - known antioxidant that preserves the beauty and health.
«Then harmful seasoning!" - Can tell you, and then you make a mistake.Number of seasoning in the chips - the minimum, to the same they were purchased from European manufacturers, and in Europe, as it is known, the production of products containing GMOs is severely restricted, and some countries of the EU and all prohibited.

Chips - fried potatoes
about the dangers of chips judge for yourself: potato chips, made from natural products harmful as much as bad chips with the addition of seasonings or ketchup.And the fries are eating.But it is, nevertheless, do not forget that the chips have always been and will remain a snack and accompanying dish, and include them in your daily diet is not necessary.But the delicacy and chips does not necessarily deny yourself.After all, they are well cheer up!
4 servings you will need:
800 grams of ground beef;100 g of potato chips;100 g of cheese;2 onions;4 cloves of garlic;3 tbsp.l.tomato paste or ketchup;2 tbsp.l.vegetable oils;1 h. L.jeera (cumin Indian);1 h. L.oregano, hot pepper to taste.
shall cut onion rings and finely chop the garlic.Then lightly fry them in vegetable oil.Add them mince and fry a few minutes (until it changes color stuffing).Add in minced tomato paste and half a cup of boiled water, mix and carcass about 20 minutes.At the end of quenching add cumin, oregano, season to taste with pepper.At the bottom of a baking dish (not oiling it with oil) laid out 1 -2 layer of chips, they lay me to minced meat.Top with another layer of chips and sprinkle with grated cheese.
Bake at 160 ° C for 15-20 minutes.Preparation time: 40 minutes.Nutritional values ​​per serving: 380 kcal.

Chips kitchen
you know that potato chips - it's a great base for canapés and snacks?And there are plenty of recipes of salads, meat and fish dishes, which use potato chips.

History chips - accident
Almost 160 years ago, the American chef at the Moon Lake House, George Crum was preparing chips for millionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt.But George sliced ​​potatoes so thin that, as a result, fires it in oil, got chips.Taste, a millionaire was delighted!Since that time, the chips become rich American delicacy and have been included in the menu luxury restaurants America.And only 40 years crisp became available to the masses and eventually won a seat main snack around the world.In the USSR the first chips were in the besieged Leningrad.Thin salted potato plates, dried on the stove, the children handed out to diversify the diet of the poor.

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