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Can we grow fat from nuts?

But stop!Nuts are also nutritious, which means calories!This modest caveat against other nut advantages is almost imperceptible, but that he is capable of turning into an elephant fly.And if you want to lose weight, you need to clearly define the boundaries of communication with nut dynasty.
joke that for those clicks seeds, and may at any time to stop doing it, to overcome heroin addiction - a piece of cake!Same story with the nuts - they carry so that you can eat them on the machine they want.Eat - and drown in a sea of ​​their own tears, counting "nahomyachennye" calories!Even if you are well in control of yourself and do not fall into orehomaniyu, you can get hooked on another dangerous: there is a perception that if you replace meat in the diet of vegetable walnut proteins, it is possible to lose weight.It sounds good, but in fact the number of calories contained in nuts, may, at the unreasonable approach easily surpass meat "bins."

And if you're a vegetarian, and gluten is vital to you, you need t
o clearly calculate the amount consumed during the day of nuts to reach the right balance, and the nuts should be of different kinds.
In addition, nuts are quite difficult to digest, and they doshkolyatam generally harmful - in the child's body is still lacking the required number of enzymes for proper digestion process and nuts.
And if you have problems with fat metabolism and the liver, the nuts in general can be fatal delicacy - abuse can lead to an increase in the liver, even in a healthy person.
especially careful to be allergic - nuts, even in very small amounts, can cause severe allergies.Enough small piece in the dessert to feel bad.

warned you about the "treachery" of nuts , and warned - is forearmed!With the calculator at the ready carefully calculates how many calories you can afford, nibbling nuts.20 g peeled nuts (HOMO kcal) - This is an acceptable dose to "stay one's stomach."
60 g (400 kcal) - virtually a clone of a full dinner.A 100 g and more - is already "heavy artillery", so many nuts does not absorbed by the body in its entirety.That is the day you can afford a maximum of 30 grams of nuts, if you rapidly grow thin, it is necessary to cut the rate of 15-20 grams - about 6-7 medium walnut nucleoli.
dishes flavored with nuts, immediately go to a leading position in the ranking of satiety.This property can be successfully used for the purpose of losing weight - if you eat nuts are not pure, and savor their salads or muesli.
But peanut butter and pasta is better excluded from the diet in general, or to cut back their consumption of the product to a minimum - Union "nuts + oil" put bold cross on a thin waist.

Although nuts are considered enough calories and nutrients, they are very helpful.Therefore it is recommended to use them to the people who want to gain weight.With the nuts can be added in weight per week about 10 kg, naturally, to use nuts daily.Therefore, eat nuts and be healthy, just know when to stop!Because nuts are very nutritious and they can be good to get fat.

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