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Proper nutrition for constipation

products can prevent constipation.
Proper nutrition for constipation is provided by eating foods rich in fiber: fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.Fiber ensures stable operation of the digestive system, it helps soften waste products and improves their permeability of the colon.A lot of fiber in the skin and leaves of plants and fruits.A leafy vegetables are doubly useful, because in addition to fiber, they are rich in magnesium.The use of fiber should be increased gradually, that there was no diarrhea.

daily need to consume 25-35 grams of fiber.Useful sweet porridge for breakfast, replacing sugar plums.Prunes have a mild laxative properties, it stimulates the muscles o

f the colon.Eating five prunes, you eat 3 grams of fiber.Every day you need to eat four berries, prunes and digested better than cooked or pre-soaked.It should not be too carried away prunes as possible indigestion.

has laxative properties and coffee as hot liquid helps bowel.It is possible that it also stimulates the muscles of the intestine.Of course, coffee is not a permanent solution to the problem of constipation, due to its diuretic properties, but for a short time, it will help alleviate the problem.Help get rid of constipation lemon juice, dissolved in hot water.Lemon juice activates the secretion of bile, which leads to an improvement in the reduction of intestinal muscles.So, every day you need to drink one or two cups of coffee or a mug of hot water with 2 tbsp.spoons of lemon juice.

When constipation diet should include an excess of water, since water is essential for developing the properties of fiber.If you consume enough water, it is absorbed from the intestinal contents, causing stool becomes hard and difficult defecation.On the day a person should drink two to three liters of water.

Good increases the volume of intestinal contents and flaxseed oil.Warm milk with the addition of a teaspoon of ground flax seed is useful to drink at night.You can also sprinkle the cereal, pureed fruit or cereal two tablespoons of flax seed.Residents
Europe at the end of the meal to eat spinach as fiber improves the passage of food through the digestive system.It is also helpful to eat fruits before eating or one hour after a meal an hour.

To prevent constipation, should eat foods that contain magnesium, because it is an excellent laxative.Rich in magnesium, seeds, nuts, and vegetables of dark green color.

Items that should be excluded from the diet.
to eat right for constipation, the menu should be excluded milk and all dairy products.Sometimes constipation occurs due to intolerance to milk protein.Promotes constipation and food excessively rich in proteins.Constipation also can be triggered by foods, free from fat: white bread, white rice and pasta made with white flour.These products need to replace the product wholemeal.If constipation is not necessary to drink alcohol because it is a diuretic and constipation body requires excess liquid.

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