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Power mothers during breastfeeding

vitamins during lactation.

Breastfeeding - a responsible process, because at this time by the metabolism of the child, as well as increase its reserves.For this reason, vitamins are a necessary part of the power mother.They can help not only to restore the stock of its own powers and immunity, but also will add to the body of the child all the necessary material.The diet of mothers during breast-feeding should be built on a lot of fruits and vegetables.This will help to fill the milk all the necessary vitamins.

Do not rely on promises of manufacturers of artificial vitamins, baby during feedings should receive only the natural reserve.It is best not to apply to tablets, and a "natural source".Toxicosis mother ends with pregnancy, so you can eat any food.

Hemoglobin for food mothers during breastfeeding.

Most postpartum mom breast-feeding there is a shortage of hemoglobin.This is caused by loss of blood during childbirth, so terrible in this is nothing.Naturally, there is a nursing mother to the
doctor and tests to easily detect the presence of a lack of hemoglobin.Only breastfeeding completely banned any drugs.The doctor did not advise them, but that's not necessary.The easiest way to restore hemoglobin - add to the diet of grenades and a liver or a sharp increase, hematogen.Meals will be only slightly changed, but the blood quickly upgraded.

nutrient bases for mom during feeding.

mother's diet should always be filled with plenty of nutrients.She should just forget about diets and figure it will then be restored.Furthermore, breast-feeding, in any case take many substances excreted, so mother "not escalate extra inches at the waist."The diet will require a large amount of animal protein (meat, dairy products), fiber (bakery) and glucose (sugar).Through this child will get everything needed for their growth and development.Good nutrition feeding mothers - a pledge of beauty and health of the newborn.

Food should not only be filled with all the necessary materials, but diverse.This is an important factor, because each product contains trace elements.Their number should not be too large, so that the need to make the diet interesting.

Of Power mothers during breast-feeding should be excluded:

First, nicotine.This is an extremely harmful substance which primarily occurs in the body by smoking.About cigarettes had forgotten to pregnancy and feeding it will be an indispensable factor.

Second, alcohol-based products.Usually all mothers refuse alcohol, believing that this is enough.In fact, even some varieties of chocolates and chocolate are produced with the use of brandy or rum, so you need to pay attention to packaging.Besides, often mothers breastfeeding drink a variety of herbal tinctures to improve.They also often made on the basis of alcohol, therefore, may be detrimental to the child.

Third, drugs.You always have to remember all synthetic drugs.If the mother feeling unwell, you should choose only natural treatments (herbs and homeopathic remedies).

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