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Genetically modified food

But we do not figure out how these products affect human health.And just to get acquainted with the new representatives of the plant world.Some experiments geneticists are very interesting.A lot of very useful, if not afraid of the impact of genetic modification.

Lettuce for diabetics.

genetically modified lettuce has insulin gene.This salad will help people suffering from diabetes.These people are forced to constantly give yourself insulin with injections.Antidiabetic lettuce delivers "implanted" insulin directly into the human intestine.Through this mechanism is triggered in the body's own insulin production.

colored carrots.

derive a multi-colored carrots - pink, yellow, red.But its main advantage lies not in color.Everyone knows that calcium is not absorbed by the body without vitamin C. Here is a genetically modified carrot color allows to absorb 40% of the calcium more.

Graisin- giant raisin, gizyum - giant raisins.

name "gizyum" can not understand what is done with the poor grapes.And
he did just gigantic.Japanese scientists have decided that the little things are not necessary.He ate a berry - and hungry.Taste of raisins remained the same, but the size ...

But not necessarily derived plants with improved quality.Scientists have bred various kinds of plants, vegetables, fruits.


This new citrus blends a grapefruit and a tangerine.Now there is no problem if you do not know what you do want sweet or refreshingly bitter.Scientists have tried to glory.Juicy, sweet with a slight bitter aftertaste of fruit is rich in fiber and vitamin C.


And how do you genetically modified product - vinogryabloko, or if it is more convenient for you yablograd.Genetics combined apple and grape - received grapple.Outwardly, this fruit is completely similar to an apple, but the grape pulp and peel.The taste of this wonderful fruit - a combination of both.This hybrid is already freely available in shops.If you need a product rich in vitamin C - buy vinogryabloko.

Rluot - slibrikos.

Another miracle of genetics - a hybrid of plum and apricot.Conventionally, it is called rluot - slibrikos.Distinguished by the fruit from their parents that does not contain sodium and cholesterol.This aromatic fruit has a unique flavor and contains a large amount of vitamin C.


Genetics sometimes give experiments that do not carry the practical use.It is in this experience is a genetically modified product lemato - limodor.Of course, lemon, crossed with tomato difficult to imagine, but a miracle already exists.

read about such miracles of genetics, in memory pops an old anecdote:
scratches Michurinists cherry and watermelon.The deduced cherry is very similar to watermelon.But the size is not so - little cherry.And the color is not the same - it is blue.And taste is not the one - sour cherry.The similarity in the amount of seed.

is no limit to human imagination.Described trends - this is only a small part of the genetic modification experiments on food.Yet such wonders of genetics await us in the future.

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