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Damage to health from food

begin with dumplings.What is the harm to health are they?Well, firstly, the very combination of meat and the test is not very helpful, the stomach is difficult to digest.As such additives there dumpling and the only concern may cause fresh meat from which they are prepared.Also, some manufacturers add dumplings vegetable protein, often genetically modified, which again brings harm to human health, especially if you have celiac disease.

Another type of food, is also not the safest, it's our favorite semi-finished products.And what is there not: burgers, pancakes, stuffed cabbage, beef.In general, of course, they are made from low-quality products with vegetable proteins and fat which is often cheaper meat itself.Although most of the quality and taste of semi-finished products depends on the price.

Now turn to talk about the dangers of our favorite sausage and a variety of sausages, sausages, shpikachek.What is cooked sausage is best not to mention - sometimes scary!Often, unscrupulous manufacturers are
using minced meat instead of the ground bones with some meat, and sometimes spoiled meat, which is subjected to decontamination.What it is disinfected, too, it is better not to know.But the fact that these substances enter our body.All these ingredients are also contained in sausages and frankfurters, and similar food products.

About margarine special subject.It is no longer used for food, even soldiers who have tried a lot of things.Make it out of lard and margarine, which is very harmful to human health.

Is that why we so often suffer from various diseases ranging from gastritis and ending with various types of cancer?Is it because our children are so often suffer from allergies?

Of course, all people are well aware of the dangers to the health of these foods, but hardly anyone will refuse their use!

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