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Advice on how to eat right

Taken together, these tips will bring clarity to the goals scored by the new-fangled diets, essentially contradicting one another.Perhaps many people tormented by the question, which of diets to choose?If you are not yet practice any one of them, read our recommendations.Try to follow them.Perhaps then you will not have to seek out information about exotic diets.In any case, learning how to eat right, you will surely get only benefit.The benefits to your health, well-being and your beauty.

• Think in what proportion you eat different kinds of foods.Eat more vegetables, they contain few calories, create a comfortable feeling of satiety.Try to eat less high-calorie foods: meat, cheese.Do not overdo condiments.

• How can less sugar.Try to use less sugar in the preparation of various dishes.You can not do without the sweet, use sweeteners, sweets from the category of diabetic products.

• Important advice: how can less fat when cooking meals.The best way of cooking meat - it's cooking or cooking using the
grill.Meat, fried in oil, much high-calorie, they eat very desirable.If you need to fry, first melt the butter in a hot frying pan, and then place that will fry.Hot oil unlike cold less quickly absorbed into the food.

• Remember tablespoon seasoning contains 40 to 50 calories.It is better to eat salads with fewer spices.Do not pour the seasoning in salad and drip.It is better to add to salads more fluid use of juicy fruits and vegetables.

• One of the main principles of how to eat: Try to eat only low-fat products.

• Council as a "trick" the stomach: a lot of water and fiber.If you often feel hungry, keep on hand or carry fruit.They are low-calorie and create a feeling of satiety.

• Remember that if the three hours after the meal back to you the feeling of hunger, it means that you are experiencing stress, and perhaps banal boredom.The feeling of hunger can also cause simple lust.A drink of water before you eat.

• Sauces and seasonings cook meat the day before eating food, it will give you the opportunity to remove congealed fat on top.First courses to better prepare the secondary meat broth.

• More on how to eat right: a little dosalivat dishes.

• Never eat before they become a real feeling of hunger.During the meal, aiming to savor every morsel.Right there is: eat slowly, carefully perezhёvyvaya food.Following this advice, you can easily make sure to saturate need much less food.

• Get out of the table with a slight feeling of hunger.After a while, after eating you forget that "a little is not eaten."

• Do not eat after 7 pm.At the very least - not less than 2 hours before bedtime.

• «Eat right" does not mean once and for all abandon any products.There is no "wrong" foods.There are foods and dishes, the consumption of which should be consciously controlled.

• Always follow the well-known rule: "Eat breakfast myself."

• When you use lean meat, draw the pieces.When cooking poultry dishes better to remove the skin and fat on the stomach of a bird.

• Another well-known advice: green tea better than black (rich in antioxidants, vitamins, improves digestion).

• Try to distract from the false "hunger."Think not that you are hungry, but about how to improve your figure.Create yourself motivated for the "right" food.

• Alcohol - enemy.If you do not drink you can not, try not to eat less than usual.The only alcohol calories but no nutrients.

• Eat right - do not be distracted by unnecessary things while eating.Quietly savor the food.Enjoy.

• Walking - the best alternative to an afternoon sleep.

• Sports - the foundation of health and beauty.

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