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How to start to eat?

2. Each meal should be at least half consist of fruits and vegetables.
Many nutritionists recommend consuming 5-9 varieties of food a day, but following this rule will not have to deal with tedious calculations.For breakfast, fill half the plate flakes and half fresh berries or sliced ​​banana.For lunch, eat half a sandwich and a couple of fruit.For dinner, 50% of the plates should take lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower or any other vegetable.Eating, so you get enough nutrients and at the same time reduce the amount of fat and calories (unless you're all tucked in a huge amount of fat mayonnaise or sour cream).

3. Never eat on the go.
main problem with grasping and chewing food on the go is that this is usually the so-called fast food.And even the smallest portion of fast food (mini burger, Fries and a small bag of Diet Coke) is about 800 calories, which is much more than eating right woman should consume at one time.When we eat on the go as if our brain registers receive food as a snack, n
o matter how many calories we get that leads to overeating.

4. The smaller the list of ingredients make up the dish, the better.
Most of the health and proper nutrition is only one ingredient: broccoli, spinach, blueberries, etc.A large list of ingredients usually means more sugar, salt, flavorings.What it is not quite proper nutrition.

5. nutritious meal does not have to be expensive.
Not long ago a group of researchers conducted a study comparing prices of variety of correct and useful products with prices less useful.(This was part of a program designed to help children see how to start eating).With few exceptions, a choice of more useful products at a price not more expensive than leaving less healthy foods.In fact, useful products were even potentially economical.And it is not considering the option periodic replacement of meat to beans or lentils, or from time to time make a sandwich at home instead of going to the cafe.

6. Spend the extra ten minutes a day to ensure that your meals are correct.
devoting a few minutes to plan a nutritious meal, you invest in your own health and that of your family.Unfortunately, few are serious about this issue.Studies of the University of the food industry in Los Angeles show that healthy, home-cooked dinner, on average, in just ten minutes longer than the preparation of semi-finished or finished food order.If you cook with a reserve, then, in the end, you'll save time.And do not forget: completeness, diabetes and heart disease, all lead to the doctor and hospital visits, which will take away a lot of your time and money.

7. Teach your taste buds.
the example of all 5-year-old or a picky eater can attest, a habit - a strong argument dietary preferences.But taste buds are submissive and can be trained to appreciate more and more subtle flavors.When you replace in the diet-products, packed with sodium, and over sweetened foods high in fat for a healthier, you have to wait for one - two weeks before your taste buds acclimate.Do not expect to fall in love with new tastes and flavors immediately (and certainly did not expect this from their children).Continue to apply only new, correct food, and soon neither you nor your receptors do not remember, because of what was all the fuss.

8. Stop eating before you feel full.
slow the pace of meals.Pay attention to what you eat.And stop when you are full of approximately 80 percent.After a pause, you're likely to realize that "almost satisfied" a few moments ago, is "quite satisfied" now.Studies show that simply reducing the pace of eating, you could lose up to 10 kg of weight per year.

9. Sit down for a meal the whole family.
Whether it's just you and your spouse or family of 12 people, demand that all belonged to the dinner hour as a saint.Least likely that children who eat with their parents to consume junk food, overeat and become obese.Parents who eat together with children, are more satisfied with family life.
According to several studies, families who eat together are less prone to digestive disorders, drug use, smoking and alcohol abuse.All of these positive effects are the result of such a simple thing as a family meal.

10. You - this is what you eat.
Want to have radiant skin?Know your skin depends on the blood flow of nutrients and oxygen - which in turn requires a healthy blood vessel and a steady supply of red blood cells produced by your bone marrow.

best way to keep your body in shape is to eat according to a well-balanced, nutritious diet properly.If you want beautiful hair in a beauty salon advertising?Then, in the first place you need a healthy hair roots, which in turn depends on having a healthy heart to fill them with nutrients and healthy lungs to supply them with oxygen.

Regarding the improvement of mental abilities, well, you've probably already guessed: Your brain is dependent on the health of your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys (any body) to be in tip-top shape.The best way is in good shape is to promote your health through nutrition, consisting of grain, beans, and light sources of protein, such as fish and soy.

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