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We save on food and how to eat and do not spend the extra money?

Here are a few little rules that will help you get to eat at the same time to save on food.

1. Eat porridge.On the shelves of many different types of cereals and cereal fast food that cook porridge for breakfast - it five minutes.Discard the usual sausage in the morning: it is not necessary to load the body of excess fat, salt and preservatives.Hot porridge restore digestion, and soon you are surprised to realize that this is no worse breakfast sandwiches.

2. Eggs - a source of high-quality cheap protein and vitamins.Add eggs for breakfast with tomatoes or boiled eggs - it is delicious and inexpensive.

3. Fish lowers cholesterol, helps lose weight.Instead of sea fresh fish you can buy salted herring - it is much cheaper, and useful qualities are the same.Before use, soak the herring to remove excess salt.

4. If you are used to buy cheap vegetables in the summer, in winter, go for frozen - modern technology of freezing retain most of the nutrients in vegetables.Frozen vegetables are often sold in the
form of ready-mix - remains their only fry or boil.And there are such sets in the winter is much cheaper than fresh vegetables - a noticeable savings.

5. Serum - available source of protein.On serum instead of milk can be cooked porridge: proteins are well saturated and recover after exercise

6. Drink vitamins - they will refund the body's need "unusual" products, and you will not want to eat every day grapefruit or mango.Although, of course, that does not mean you have to completely abandon the fruits.

7. If you love to cook and you can not imagine dinner without a new dish, remember the old recipes, experiment with a simple product, do not ever get involved in expensive exotics.

8. Do not buy high-calorie foods - they are less useful and cost more.Instead, 20% take 15% cream, try to drink low-fat milk.Such indulgence once a beneficial impact on your appearance.

9. The main rule of the grocery store: never go shopping hungry.On an empty stomach is difficult to choose the necessary tempted to buy everything and more, and the savings can not speak.In advance, make a shopping list.

10. Do not overpay for the advertised brand name products, buy the ones you like, even if they are not very famous.Do not forget that the price of the product depends not only on its quality, but also on the amount of money spent on its advertising.Expensive - not always the best.

11. Feel free to take food to work.Buy a special plastic container and dine quietly in the office of the usual home-made food.Do not spend money on a cafe.Especially eliminate fast food!

12. Drink plain water or tea - eliminate soda.Additives and dyes, which are included in their composition, disrupt digestion and the stomach is converted into a real chemical reactor.Moreover, you should not drink soda during meals.

13. And finally - do not overeat!Do not forget the old golden rule - to get up from the table a little hungry, it will not only preserve your health, help lose weight, but also to develop a habit you have to cook less.As the saying goes, penny penny gained.

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