Health // Proper nutrition

How often should I have?

Bring a food diary.It helps to see what you eat and stay in the right moment.Get into the habit or reading, what ingredients are included in food intake: counting calories pacify your appetite.We are able to consume a third of the necessary calories a day just by snacking - is 4.5 kilos per year!

Drink water or green tea.Your brain may think that you are hungry, while in reality the body is thirsty.After drinking a glass of water, you fill the stomach, also in this case you will feel much better.And eat less and fill each cell of the body moisture!

Pozhuy gum or brush your teeth.Gum quench afternoon sugar cravings, while the process of chewing will signal the brain that came the feeling of satiety.Brushing your teeth also provides installation, that food today is finished.

change your diet!The desire to have a meal after the main meals often appears due to the lack of grains, vegetables and complex carbohydrates, as well as excessive consumption of salt and fatty foods.If you want to unbearably choco
late, eat more nuts, seeds, fish and green vegetables."Chocolate hunger" indicates a lack of magnesium, which is found in 80% of men.Sit with her friends in a cafe, ordered a plate of cakes - the perfect pastime.But if you desperately want sweet, it means that the body is sending you distress signals.Obsession desserts says that you eat too infrequently or eat food high in carbohydrates.

If you experience stress and can not resist the salty, take vitamin C. This V5i craving may indicate adrenal hyperfunction.When adrenal fatigue Support vitamin therapy.We need to eat a handful of almonds a day: nuts and other non-animal proteins help regulate appetite and blood sugar levels.If you are not happy with the nuts, try an avocado: it plenty of healthy fats and proteins are much more useful than the flock.

Do not give up snacking entirely: it is fraught with depression.You should be aware that the "bite" adds calories to the daily rate.Happy eat less and to choose healthy food in the evening.

Do not keep tempting foods at home.If you are unable to contain himself, when you know what you have in the fridge is a piece of sausage or doctoral packing ice cream, just need not to purchase such products!Think of the less caloric replacement, but consider that it should be quite delicious.Pay attention to the size of the package.The fact that you bought a low-fat or low-calorie snack, not a reason to eat the whole package as a whole.Try not to buy products in large "family" packages and small.The result will still get sparingly: and buy, and eat less.

Take a break before you start eating.Make it a rule not to eat the product, in which more than 400 calories without thinking before that a few seconds.Ask yourself: "I really want to eat or just reckless craving to chew on?»

Take a deep breath before you eat: you have lowered cortisol levels (a stress hormone, is also responsible for carbohydrate metabolism).Alternatively, find a way to relax without food: Take a hot bath.

to eat 5-6 small servings of food containing complex carbohydrates each day by the hour.This helps adjust the pancreatic insulin production, and hence will accumulate in the body fat is less.

Never eat in "dialogue" with the TV or computer, retractable food out of sight in between meals.Always an eating only at the table for meals highlighting a restricted area.