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Proper nutrition of the pregnant woman

baby is growing by leaps and bounds.This pipsqueak few pushes your stomach up, and cardiovascular system moms experiencing increased load.Eating 5 times a day will create a gentle treatment.And the amount of food should now be less.In between meals is helpful to eat raw vegetables, fruits, berries, drink freshly squeezed juices.If breakfast was easy and the appetite was played as early as 11 hours, you can eat and thoroughly: cottage cheese with sour cream and a dessert of fruit, filled with sweet yogurt or vegetable salad with chicken or boiled beef, plus a baked apple with raisins.At lunch - a drink, for example biokefir, fruit juice or tea with milk.Plus corn bread or crisp bread, sandwich with cheese or hummus, cheesecake, cottage cheese casserole, patty with cabbage or meat.

Wherever you go: the long walk to the pool or on a trip, bring your lunch.Choosing healthy food products that do not require heating, quite large.This sandwich with chicken or cheese, which can pave the lettuce leaves and toma
to slices, and toast a bagel with bananas and Brazil nuts and crispy rye bread Finnish ham and fresh herbs.Rich variety of fillings that are easy to put in pocket bread called food.Fill it with salad vegetables, salted salmon with butter and chives.

Broccoli Soup generously share with you calcium, folate, iron, or red currant jelly and lemon.Suit and a small bottle of yoghurt with cereal or fruit additives.Let your handbag is always for delays in the way a packet of Brazil nuts.In one Die contains 75 micrograms of selenium, which satisfies the daily requirement of this important trace elements.Handful of almonds will enrich the body with valuable trace elements and magnesium.In the third trimester, there are other ailments that women deal with is not so difficult.

What to do with constipation.

to the chair was a regular, daily eat foods rich in fiber.This whole wheat bread, bran (wheat, rice, rye).It is enough to add to cereal or other food 2 tablespoons of bran, an excess of them can impede the absorption of iron.Vegetables also contain fiber.Especially actively stimulate the bowel beets and eggplant, and in any form.Useful food product such as beet juice and any dishes from leaves and tubers of sugar beet.Promotes regular bowel movements and vegetable greens, cucumbers, beans, oats.At any time, you help out dried figs, dried plums and apricots.A good laxative effect has strawberries, fresh and frozen.Prevent constipation and help ordinary clean water.Drink 6 glasses of water daily, bottled is better, from the store.If you are running around in the toilet more often than usual, you should know that this is normal, and it is not necessary to reduce the amount of water, because it also prevents inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract.Salt - another thing, now it is best to limit.

not bother to heartburn.
We have already pointed out that the kid as it props up your stomach.Changing and hormone production.Progesterone, for example, slowing the evacuation of food from the stomach.As a result, you get heartburn.Do you want to reduce it?Do not lie down immediately after a meal, and wear loose clothing.

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