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Delicious and healthy breakfast

answer - lack of energy.How to nourish yourself with it?Where to get it?Best replenish energy from several different sources.She shared with us and the sun and the water, and some people.And we get the vital energy from food.

Talk about breakfast.This is the main "filling" for the body, which we spend for a day's work.And how useful is this morning, "dressing", the greater will be our power against stress, illness, physical and mental stress.

Breakfast should be not only delicious, but also useful.And if so, then we delete from the list of scrambled eggs, sausages, sandwiches.They came up with bustler and lazy people.This fast food health and energy will not increase, but rather the opposite.

Rule №1 tasty and healthy breakfast - Food should be hot.And drink, and food.It is best suited for this mess.Even better, the whole grain.It watered the sun and rain water, he gave the nature of their power.With a charge of energy will definitely mess on health promotion.Watch, that portion was small, in moderat
ion.From badeyki even the most useful food will not be much good.All energy will be spent on digestion.
Soak the evening with clean water a handful of millet, buckwheat or rice.In the morning will only bring to the boil, and the main dish is ready.
For a change of taste in the cereal can add a variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts.Dried fruit is also suitable for this purpose, if the advance, in the evening, soak them in clean, cold water.

Rule №2 tasty and healthy breakfast reads that in the morning you should drink no coffee, and tea.Better green or herbal.Or mixed.But we must take into account grass grass strife.Mint, lemon balm, oregano better brew in the evening after a hard day.They relaxing effect.This drink relieve tension, prepare to sleep the whole body.To prepare the morning rose, St. John's wort, mother and stepmother and a little eucalyptus.All this is to complete a pinch of green tea to tone, youth and beauty, and a miraculous nectar ready.Drink it in small sips, soaking up the flavor of herbs and through the power of Mother Nature.

There is a little trick when brewed.Herbs and tea should be put in a teapot is odd, three, five pinches or spoons.Odd numbers symbolize incompleteness, desire to move forward, life itself, finally.Do it with positive thoughts, and then your tea will become a miracle drug.

Even if you're used to do not eat breakfast, believe me, a sip of the drink on an empty stomach cheerfulness and energy.And maybe your appetite will be.Then the body will be ready to accept portions of healthy breakfast.

Where else can draw energy?Well, fruits, vegetables, berries of the season - a favorite delicacy husky.They all sat on the beds so the tree hung with the earth and the sun talking, vitamins and vitality stocked.And give it gladly.Their eating
both separately and in salads, and as part of the main dish.Cocktails and drinks with their use and extremely useful.Just fireworks energy.

candies, cakes, muffins da bread muffins - all this soulless some pampering.Excluding chocolate, particularly bitter.It is given for this energy.A small piece of the morning, and you can do anything!

tasty?Useful?And how!
cheerfully in the morning!

Yulia Sobolevskaya , especially for

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