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Can I drink energy drinks

What is an energy drink.
drink, which contains, among other ingredients in its composition a large amount of caffeine.Under the influence of substances on the body you lose the feeling of sleepiness, fatigue, mood and activity increased.However, energy drinks do not give the body more energy, but only activate stocks that already exists.The effect of such beverages lasts 3-5 hours (1-2 cups of coffee he hours).Therefore, after the action took power, the body needs rest, sleep to recover.

Energy drinks are different.

In general, they elevate mood and help cope with fatigue, sleepiness, stimulate mental activity.But some of them contain more caffeine in the composition.Their main function - to cheer up the body.The second group, those rich in vitamins and carbohydrates.These are more suitable for people experiencing severe physical activity and sports.

Substances in energy drinks.
- Guarana.Tropical shrub that grows in Brazil and Venezuela.The leaves are used in medicine for removal of lactic acid
from the muscle.The guarana contains caffeine.
- Mateine.The substance, which is part of the green tea mate.Extract helps to cope with hunger and promotes weight loss.
- Taurine.The required amino acids the human body, which reduces the level of cholesterol and blood sugar.The energy drinks it exceeds the permissible norm.
- Ginseng.It helps to cope with fatigue, stress.
- Folic Acid.It improves brain function, participating in the synthesis of nucleic and amino acids.
- Vitamins and glucose which penetrates the blood involved in oxidative processes, providing muscle energy.
- Caffeine.300-400 mg per day - the permissible limits.

At first glance, all materials are completely safe.But the fact that in the energy sector are kept together (and in high doses), and caffeine and other stimulants, plus amino acids and vitamins.All this gives a mixture that gives the body a serious shake-up.Harm caused many organs: the heart, stomach, liver.In addition to the clearly negative effects of energy drinks on the internal organs, which does not manifest itself immediately, they are quite high in calories.The first thing you will notice if you abuse them, that weight gain and stomach problems.

Terms of use.
- The maximum dose a day - 1-2 servings.In general, doctors agree that if drink 1-2 energy drinks a month (ie, only if absolutely necessary), then it does not harm inflict.Overdose can lead to increased blood sugar levels and blood pressure.
- A mixture of energy and alcohol is very dangerous!Alcohol - suppresses the nervous system, energy - on the contrary it is excited.
- Possible side effects of an overdose or frequent consumption of energy drinks: agitation, tachycardia, nervousness.

Drinking energy drinks are contraindicated for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypo- and hypertension;They are contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, children, the elderly.

So what is the result on the question whether it is possible to drink an energy drink without harm to health?Yes and no, on how to deal with his body, knowing all the possible consequences to you.Typically, perhaps, only one - everything should be in moderation!

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