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Can I have an egg?


Eggs are used in almost all the world's cuisines.In Russia, the problem with this product, fortunately, have not experienced or even actively selling the eggs to the West.That's just the quality of their thought is not the highest - laying hens fed mostly garbage, because the eggs were too small and inferior in taste overseas, in addition to this, overcoming Russian bumpy roads, they often run to Europe loosening.By the way, for the record, from one hen per year can get 250-300 eggs.About 26 hours it will need to ensure that carry an egg, and after a half-hour break, it can already be made for others.

interesting fact that in Russia at the eggs, except for the food, it was also a profound sacred significance.The symbol of life and fertility, was associated with him a lot of traditions and rituals.


Some egg dishes can without exaggeration be called a cult.At the end of the XIX century this was the eggnog, very favorite singers for his supposed magical

effect on the vocal cords.But to this day it remains the record for the popularity of fried eggs and scrambled eggs.And then, seemingly, everything is easier ... but no!Even the scrambled eggs in each country made to cook in different ways: in the Japanese Rice and CB-CB-added process for rice and seafood in Austria decided to put him black bread.Italians outdid everyone by preparing the largest in the history of scrambled eggs, weighing almost 600 kg!In the course of 5000 when it went eggs!But spices in omletnyh subtleties, yet undeniably remain French.Have the French and his take on the classic eggs and prepare it as follows:

red-hot frying pan without oil and pour it 1 tbspsour cream.When
sour little evaporated, carefully pour it 5 eggs, add salt and spices to taste and then turn off the heat.
Now, cover with a lid and wait for about 10 minutes, after which you can eat!

Now if you decide to indulge in all omletnye tricks before will undertake to create, Get a separate pan, which will only be used for cooking eggs.This French hostess would begin from that!

Eggs useful that combine a variety of vitamins, proteins, which are necessary for pregnant women to vital energy.Therefore, it is recommended to eat eggs for breakfast that day passed without loss of strength.Eggs replace the expectant mother any food, even bread.This product contains a large amount of protein in which the bones become strong and the snow-white teeth - is, of course, will affect fetal development.Therefore, eat more eggs, and the body will thank you luxuriant hair, strong nails and healthy skin!

To date the eggs consumed in the preparation of various dishes, salads and sauces.It is not possible to bake gingerbread bread without eggs.Therefore, eggs are considered to be the most natural and healthy food.Many doctors recommend that women consume eggs.